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What are the different payout methods and which one is the best?

Payout methods are the way your money is delivered to the receiver. Different banks and different countries have different payout methods. The best one depends on your situation and how your receiver wishes to get the money.

The main payout methods are listed below and explained.

Cash Pick-up is when wishing your receiver is to collect the money in person. We have over 300,000 locations across the world where the transfer can be collected in cash. Make sure you pick a pick-up location close to your receiver to make it as easy as possible for them to collect the cash.

Bank Deposit is when you send money directly to your receiver's bank account. This is usually the quickest way to send money, as it gets transferred digitally to the account. With Small World, you can send money directly to a bank account in over 90 different countries.

Home Delivery is a great option that is offered in some countries. In this case, we will deliver the cash to a home address. This is perfect if you're sending money to someone who might have problems leaving their house or doesn't have a bank account.

Mobile Top-up is a way to send mobile airtime to a phone. It allows you to send money to a phone, which can then be used for a variety of mobile activities.

Cash card reload is also possible, this is where your transfer is used to top up a prepaid cash card. Your receiver can then use the card to access the money that has been sent to them.

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