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Secure use of mobile and tablets

Here we want to provide you with several helpful tips to help you make your use of mobile phones and tablets more secure.

Downloading applications: You should only download mobile and Tablet apps from official sources and stores. As an example, both Google Play and App Store have security verification mechanisms in place to prevent the presence of malicious software on their platforms. Even with that, we recommend you to be careful when downloading an app as no control is 100% effective. 

Use of wireless connections: We recommend you avoid leaving Wi-Fi or Bluetooth connections permanently activated on your portable devices. You should not download applications or use Wi-Fi networks you are not familiar with (e.g., publicly open Wi-Fi networks) as they are a propitious place for a cybercriminal to try to compromise your device. Finally, configure your devices so that Bluetooth connections have to request approval before being established. 

App permissions: All apps need to request your permission to access certain data or features on your portable devices. We recommend you to evaluate carefully all the permissions requested by an application and, if you identify any that is not related to the service the app is providing (e.g., a calculator app that requests access to your contacts) do not approve such permission. If the app belongs to a reputable company, we recommend you contact customer service to solve any questions you may have. 

Security applications and configuration: If possible, it is always a good practice to install a mobile antivirus or security application to help detect any infection attempt. We suggest only installing this kind of software from well-known and reputable providers. Finally, we also recommend you avoid rooting or jailbreaking your mobile devices, especially if you are not a technology expert, as these actions remove important baseline security configurations from your device that may leave your device as an easy target for future attacks.

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