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Web browsers have also become one of the easiest ways for cybercriminals to try to carry out their attacks. In this short article, we are listing some useful tips for you to consider.

Be cautious with browser extensions: Browser extensions are small pieces of software that provide additional features or functionalities to the browser. An example of a browser extension can be reputable additions that block pop-up windows. Please be aware, there are also extensions that behave as spyware, malware or other types of software malicious for the user, even if they appear to be a good or harmless extension. Thus, the best advice here is to try to only enable well-known extensions from reputable providers and companies. 

Update your browsers regularly: Software updates usually fix security bugs and issues from previous versions, improving your browser security. We recommend you install the latest available update for your browser. 

Use an antivirus: Antivirus software can also protect you while browsing, blocking the download of malicious files, detecting the execution of malicious code or connections to low reputation servers. 

Manage your cookies: Modern websites shall allow you to manage your cookie preferences. We recommend you take some time to read the cookies' policy of the main sites you use and adjust it to your preferred configuration. 

Be cautious with the use of autofill and saved passwords features: Although both features make it easier for a user, they also make this information easier to be stolen by a cybercriminal, if they manage to access your device. Thus, we recommend discreet use of these features, particularly when it comes to websites storing highly sensitive information or with access to financial information or products. 

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