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Published on 18-08-2017

10 Free things to do in Dublin in August

Just like we proposed for London, this year you might want to spend part of your summer holidays with just a ‘staycation’ - choosing not to leave your home, and instead making the place where you live your destination to explore.

Dublin landmarks you

Published on 09-05-2017

6 Dublin landmarks you can visit for free

Thanks to the ‘Celtic Tiger’ - the economic boom of the last 20 years, fuelled by foreign investment - Dublin has now developed into a multi-cultural city full of international immigrants. But it has also turned into an expensive place to live. It is, at the same time, a city full of attractions - and who said you need to pay every time you want to visit a site of interest?

Some of the best Dublin landmarks can actually be enjoyed for free - here is a list of our favourite six.

How to open a bank account in Ireland

Published on 03-05-2017

How to open a bank account in Ireland

When you move to a new country, one of the most important bits of paperwork you need to get sorted as soon as possible, is opening a bank account. This can be a lengthy and complicated process, but it’s not so difficult in Ireland - all you need is the right documents, but only two kinds are required, so it won’t be too hard to obtain them either before, or soon after you move there. Here is a quick guide to all the steps you need to take to have your own Irish bank account.

Shopping in Dublin

Published on 26-05-2016

Where to do low cost shopping in Dublin

As you will probably know, Dublin is a rather expensive city and by far the priciest one in Ireland, but we have done our homework to help you save-up a few euros when it comes to shopping.

To arrive to the cheapest areas of Dublin you will have to travel north; to Henry street, home to the cheapest department stores in Ireland called Penney´s. Maybe you are not familiar with this name yet, but outside of Ireland they are known as Primark, which probably rings a bell. As you know, it is a huge store with almost everything at very low cost prices. Another option along this same line is the department store Debenhams. You can usually find interesting discounts on certain items; now is your time to dive into the different articles to find your bargain.