10 Reasons that make the Philippines unique

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You shouldn't need convincing that the Philippines is a fantastic country which boasts an enviable culture rich with music, food and art. But if you do, or you just want to learn a bit about what makes the country great, we’ve got you covered!

From the immense volcanoes to the elaborate architecture, and from the unique Tagalog language to the delicate Tarsiers, there is something worth exploring on every island. If you have family or friends living in the Philippines you may already have an idea of what makes the Philippines so unique.

Why is the Philippines such a unique place, and what makes it that way?

In this blog, we’ve highlighted 10 features of the Philippines that make it such a unique and interesting country.

What Makes the Philippines a Fantastic Country


  • The People

When you visit the Philippines before long you’ll realise that it’s the people who really make the country special. As soon as you arrive you’ll be shocked by their wonderfully accommodating nature and the fantastic attitude they have towards tourists.

Without a doubt, Filipinos are very welcoming and caring people. Their kindness will make you reflect on the important things in life while they teach you how to be happy. Their way of life can be seen in everything they do and there is something any visitor can learn when visiting any one of the Philippines’ islands.

  • Tarsiers

The Philippines is home to the smallest primates in the world. Tarsiers are a mixture between a bat and a monkey with astonishing eyes, which are abundant on the island of Bohol. Although very cute, always remember not to touch them. They are currently an endangered species and part of the unique nature of the Philippines.

The adorable little creatures can be seen clinging to branches and staring out into the wilderness with their huge eyes. They are also very emotionally-sensitive creatures that get stressed easily. So, we can look but not touch.

  • Best diving sites in the world

Thailand has claimed this title for years, but the truth is that the Philippines is a unique diving spot. The country offers you the possibility to dive through sunken Japanese ship wrecks from WWII while watching a diverse flora and fauna. Coron Apo reef, Monad Shoal and Malapascua island are absolutely stunning diving sites.

You can take the plunge close to the shore from one of the many islands in the Philippines and you’ll have a rich sight in store. You’ll be able to observe enormous schools of fish, rare manta rays and whale sharks. Beneath the water of the Philippines there is something for everyone to see.

One of the least-known paradises in the world is this little town on the island of Palawan. It takes between 5 or 6 hours to get there from the island capital, Puerto Princesa, but we can guarantee that you will never regret it!

There are a host of renowned sustainable resorts on El Nido that serve as the perfect shelter for you to explore the wonderful town. El Nido is also a great base to allow tourists to explore the stunning Bacuit Archipelago. There is no place like El Nido in the whole world. Turquoise waters flanked by exuberant jungle will await you!

  • Jeepneys

These former US military jeeps left over from WWII have become the most popular means of public transport in The Philippines. The vibrant colourful mode of transport is now part of the country's culture and art. Their colourful decoration is worthy to admire.

Every Jeepney is unique, each one an identifiable symbol of Filipino culture. They are often packed full of passengers all going about their business. If you’re looking for an interesting journey, the jeepney is a great way to travel!

  • Volcanoes

Tourism in the Philippines is huge. Apart from the wonderful beaches and scrumptious food, people come to the Philippines to see the amazing volcanoes.

The Philippines has 25 active volcanoes, which represent one of the best tourism attractions due to their impressive beauty. Some of them have an interior turquoise lake that makes them even more impressive. The foremost are: Mount Pinatubo, Taal and Mayon.

  • Its 7,107 islands

You can spend your whole life in the Philippines without seeing most of the country because of the way their land is spread out across the Pacific Ocean. The Philippines is made up of more than 7,107 islands. And on every island there is a paradise to be found, unique food to eat, a singular culture to experience and new people to meet.

The sheer amount of beaches to enjoy is almost uncountable. They are classified in 3 main groups: Luzon, in the north, Mindanao, to the south, and Visayas, a central archipelago. And they all have their own story to tell. The archipelagic nature of the country lends itself to a wide variety of life and makes it one of the most unique places to visit in the world.

  • Massages

Pinoys have a massage culture and get one at least weekly. The truth is that an hour-long massage in the Philippines is just $5, so as a tourist or expat this is a mandatory experience. Nowhere else will you be able to experience such intense relaxation at such a reasonable price. The massages are an attraction unto themselves and definitely worth it.

  • Puerto Princesa Underground river in Palawan

Recently named as one of the new wonders of the world, like the colonial city of Vigan, the Puerto Princesa Underground river is a sight to behold. Located in the Saint Paul Mountain Range in Palawan, the river runs for almost 24 kilometres, winds through a cave covered in stalactite and stalagmites before flowing into the glorious West Philippine Sea.

It is a unique natural formation that has become one of the country’s most popular tourist attractions. The underground river is one of the new wonders of the world and you definitely have to visit!

  • Its Christian culture and architecture

The Philippines was under Spanish rule for 300 years. As a result, the country can be compared quite easily to many South American nations, a unique feeling hard to find elsewhere in this continent.

The architecture, art and literature of the country has been influenced by the Christian culture in a unique way making it an interesting experience for any visitor.

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