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Image Blog Post Knowing Birmingham

Published on 11-01-2018

Knowing Birmingham

Migrants into United Kingdom and visitors will be constantly amazed by the sheer variety of attractions that Birmingham has to offer to them. This city has galleries of world class; its museums are inspiring and stimulating. The chocolate factory is something that cannot be missed. The number of attractions is so big that it is not easy to pack them all in while planning your itinerary for your visit to Birmingham. The city is popularly known as `Brum’.

Image Blog Post Cheapest Cities in the United Kingdom to Live

Published on 07-11-2017

Cheapest Cities in the United Kingdom to Live

For people who want to reside in the United Kingdom but are seeking cities with a moderate cost of living index, this blog will be of great assistance. There are various questions that will be going around in the heads of people seeking residence and employment across the United Kingdom. Some of these questions would include issues such as the names of cities which offer decent employment opportunities with economical cost of living indexes.

Published on 17-07-2015

From Birmingham Artfest to Birmingham Fest

Two years ago Birmingham cried for the loss of one of the most significant events celebrated in their town. The City council decided to cancel Birmingham Artfest, the largest free art festival in UK celebrated since 1997 and which had become a full-blown institution.

This event attracted more than 200.000 visitors yearly motivated to enjoy an eclectic programme of dance, theatre, music, film and concerts that had legendary Centenary Square as the hotspot of the event and included other open-air stages.

After this sad loss, there was a new proposal, Birmingham Fest; an independent performing arts festival that this time was not free but very affordable as tickets where from £3 to pay what you can. This fringe festival brought more than 30 national productions plus one from Croatia Dance Centre during its first edition. After the success, the festival has been running for a couple of years and this year will already be its 3rd edition with dozens of shows from all over the UK and one South African that also came last year. This year the JQ Festival will also be taking part on the opening weekend (17-19 July) and free performances will be presented in the Jewellery Quarter.

Published on 29-01-2015

Birmingham: Spring Fair 2015

If after Christmas season you are still passionate about gifts, make sure you do not miss the most important date of the year for retailers which takes place, for 66 years already, in Birmingham. Spring Fair is the largest UK buying event for retailers and one of the most outstanding in Europe. UK and international designers will exhibit during five intensive days, their latest products from new and popular brands. These are the impressive facts:

300.000 new products

3.000 different suppliers

100 exclusives brands that can´t not be found anywhere else

13 different sectors including: gifts (in all its forms), furniture, jewelry, luggage, body&bath, art &framming and The party show!

If you are an authentic trendsetter, your will be fascinated with this event taking place at National Exhibition Centre (NEC) as you will be able to be amongst the first persons to see the new products that will occupy the stores windows of 2016.