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Published on 21-08-2019

A Peep into Krishna Janmashtami Celebrations in London, 2019

The UK is a land of diverse cultures and has a large population of people with Indian origin, and those drawn towards Indian culture and beliefs. So, Indians aren’t the only ones who eagerly await Janmashtami, which is celebrated on the 24 th  day of August 2019. Every year Janmashtami celebrations also attract a healthy number of locals. Ever since The International Society for Krishna Consciousness (ISKCON) established itself in the West, it has attracted people from all over. As a result, Krishna Consciousness has evolved as one of the most popular cults, across Europe.

Published on 24-04-2019

Career opportunities, Scholarships and best courses in England

London is a city of dreams and if you’ve stepped in here to hone your skills, then you need to move in the right direction. After all, education is one of the biggest investments that you make — one that affects your lifestyle and future. So it becomes essential that you earn a degree that provides you with the best long-term opportunities, and lets you realize your goals.

Published on 21-03-2019

Holi — celebrating the victory of virtue over vice

Holi is a prominent Indian festival, celebrated with great pomp and show by Indians all over the world. After all, this lively festival is all about coming together and celebrating with one’s family and friends. In London, Holi is the most-awaited Hindu festivals and is celebrated with loud music, colourful water fountains and parties all over the city. All of that sure makes it one of the best times to visit London.

Published on 28-02-2019

Martisor, the time when love blooms

Time to pick red and white tassels for the ones you care and love, because it’s time for Martisor. The month when you can protect your beloved from Baba Dochia and her types. Martisor, which translates to ‘Little March’, is the best season of the year, when young hearts exchange red and white tassels. Besides, this festival of spring, celebrated by Moldavians and Romanians, is the best time of the year to show your concern and affection towards your loved ones. Although we may never know for sure, whether Martisor is Dacian or Romanian, here’s the most popular legend. The legend of Baba Dochia, the mother of Dracobete, who was half angel and half human.