Top Ten Things to See and Do in Colombia

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It is only in recent years that Colombia has become a popular tourist destination. Both urban and political transformation in Colombia means it is now a much-loved destination, with 1 million tourists recorded as visiting the country in 2020. Travelling to Colombia in the summer is the most popular choice, giving tourists a chance to adventure and explore many different parts of the country. Anyone planning to visit Colombia should take some time to research and understand its culture, find out more about the Colombian peso and discover as much as possible before their travels.

Below we’re going to explore the top ten things to see and do in Colombia:

Adventure in Tayrona National Park

Tayrona National Park is home to many fantastic sights and wonders of the natural world. Explore the natural reef lagoon at La Piscina or choose to adventure along one of the many hiking trails along the shoreline and spot some truly unimaginable rock formations and vistas. Tayrona National Park is one of the most picturesque locations in the whole of Colombia. If hiking is not your thing, then the park also has some beautiful beaches where you can sit, relax, and enjoy the beautiful scenery.

Tour a coffee plantation

Colombian coffee is renowned worldwide for its quality and unique flavor. It is the coffee capital of the world. Therefore, visiting Colombia would not be complete without exploring the country’s pride and joy. There are plantations scattered across the country, and many coffee producers run tours of their plantations, giving you the chance to understand coffee production fully. There’ll also be plenty of opportunities to taste authentic, freshly brewed Colombian coffee.

Visit the Santuario de Las Lajas

Colombia has no official religion, but a large Roman Catholic population provides many opportunities to explore beautifully designed churches and cathedrals. The Santuario de Las Lajas is a basilica church located in the south of the country. It is also unusual due to being built inside a canyon, adding to the unique nature of this experience. It was built between 1916 and 1949 in the traditional Gothic style and has bold and bright interiors which remind many visitors of Barcelona’s world-renowned Sagrada Familia.

Party the night away in Cartagena

Cartagena is a city in northern Colombia with a great reputation for partying and its night-time scene. It has a traditional, historic center, beautiful beaches and a clubbing scene which has gained a great reputation. Taste exotic and unusual cocktails, explore traditional salsa clubs and of course, nightclubs with local DJs playing into the early hours.

Regenerate and revitalize in the Totumo Volcano mud

Totumo Volcano is in the north of Colombia, not far from Cartagena, and people visit from around the world to bathe and cleanse in its mud. The mud of the Totumo Volcano is believed to have beneficial qualities for the skin. While this remains unproven, the chance to swim in a mud pool in a real volcano’s crater is an experience you can’t find anywhere else. Many tour guides offer excursions to the Totumo Volcano, and it’s an experience you really shouldn’t miss.

Trek in the Cocora Valley

Cocora Valley is home to one of the world’s most majestic and impressive cloud forests. Protected wax palm trees tower throughout the valley, reaching heights of up to 68 meters. Visitors can challenge themselves and hike the tallest peaks or follow a simpler route to explore the unique landscape and fascinating plant life.

Celebrate the urban transformation of Medellín

Medellín has a dark past and a reputation steeped in murder, drugs and the infamous Pablo Escobar. However, things have changed, and Medellín is now a hub of activity that visitors want to get involved in. The city is one of the fastest growing in the whole of Colombia and benefits from many tourist and resident-friendly additions, including cable cars and the lush botanical gardens.

Appreciate the street art of Bogotá

Street murals are everywhere you look in the capital city of Colombia. Bogotá’s graffiti and street art is truly exceptional, and visitors should take the time to explore and appreciate the quality of the work. Buildings over 500 years old are home to striking works of modern street art, and the acceptance of street art as part of Bogotá’s culture and identity gives the city a unique and refreshing feel.

Learn to salsa in Cali

Learning salsa from highly experienced Latin American experts is an experience like no other. The city of Cali is considered one of the best salsa dancing cities in the whole of Latin America, with many professional schools and award-winning dancers calling the area home. You can take classes at any number of dance schools during the day and join your class or instructor at the city’s salsa clubs in the evening. Cali’s clubs are also popular with professionals, so you may have the chance to see something spectacular.

Snorkel and scuba dive in Providencia and San Andres

Make the most of the crystal clear waters of Colombia with some scuba and snorkelling practice. Diving off the coast of Providencia and San Andres offers the best underwater views and the chance to spot many different species of marine life and unique corals and plants.

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