Renewing Pakistan Passport in the UK: A Complete Tutorial

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Pakistani Passport In The UK

The process of renewing a Pakistani passport while residing in a foreign country can be quite confusing. From understanding the required documentation to finding the right application forms and ensuring compliance with the necessary guidelines, there are various aspects to consider.

In this article, we will explore the steps and procedures of Pakistan passport renewal UK. We will discuss the necessary information involved in renewing a Pakistani passport in the UK which includes the things you will need to apply for a renewal and the steps you need to go through for the whole process. So let's get started!


Why You Need To Renew Your Pakistani Passport In The UK?

If you're a Pakistani national living in the UK, you may find yourself in a situation where you need to renew your Pakistani passport. Let's explore the reasons why you may need to renew your Pakistani passport in the UK and provide guidance on the renewal process.

Passport Expiration

One of the most common reasons for renewing a Pakistani passport in the UK is its expiration. Pakistan passports have a validity period. Once it expires, you will need to apply for a renewal to continue using it for travel and identification purposes.

Damaged Passport

If your Pakistani passport becomes damaged or defaced, it is no longer considered valid for use. Any significant damage to the passport, such as torn pages, water damage, or mutilation, may necessitate a renewal.

It's important to have a passport in good condition to avoid any travel disruptions or issues with immigration authorities. If unfortunately your passport gets damaged, you will have to renew your passport.

Change in Personal Details

If you've had a change in your personal details, such as your name, marital status, or address, you will need to update your passport to reflect these changes. You can do it through a passport renewal application. It will ensure that your passport accurately represents your current information.

Expired Visa Pages

Some Pakistani passports have limited visa pages. Once these pages are filled or expired, it may be necessary to renew the passport to continue traveling internationally.

It's important to check the visa pages in your passport and plan for renewal if you are running out of space for new visas.

How To Renew a Pakistani Passport In the UK?

Pakistani passport renewal UK online is a vital process for Pakistani citizens living or working in the UK. Whether your passport has expired or is nearing its expiration date, it's important to be aware of the steps involved in renewing it.

Pakistan passport renewal UK involves following a set of specific steps and requirements. The e-service portal has made the entire process a lot easier and more convenient. You will just need a set of documents ready at hand, and a few devices. If everything goes okay, you will get your passport within a few days. We will explore the entire process in three sections; required documents, procedure and fees, and time. Let's have a look at how to renew a Pakistani passport in the UK:

Required Documents

  • Documents to support your claim.
  • Photographs.
  • A completed fingerprint form as per the instructions provided in the Fingerprint Tutorial.
  • A valid credit card for payment of the application fee.


The process has three steps. Registration in the e-service portal, then submitting an online application form. Let's have a look:

Step 1 Registration

First, you have to register an account on the e-Services Portal. You can access it easily using the "Get Started" on this page. Then, provide a valid mobile number and email address for account verification. If you are currently in Pakistan, you will receive an SMS and email code for registration.

If you are in the UK, you will get the codes via email. However, if you are already a registered User of the e-portal system, you can log in using the already existing username and password.

Step 2: Online Application

After opening an account, you’ll have to apply using the portal. Complete your application with accurate information. Upload your photograph, fingerprints, and supporting documents.

Follow the instructions available on the homepage under the renewal application category. The home delivery option is only available for overseas Pakistanis. You will have to upload the following information in the system:

  • Your present address.
  • Permanent addresses.
  • Your photograph.
  • Supporting documents are required for the application.
  • 4 fingerprints as requested by the e-service portal system.

Step 3: Easy Fee Submission

Pay your fee at the beginning of the application process using Visa or MasterCard code IBANcredit/debit cards. Your application will be processed by the Pakistani embassy London passport renewal, and your machine-readable passport will be delivered according to your chosen delivery option.

Fee and Time

Fee and delivery time depend on the processing type (Normal/urgent). The delivery time also depends on information verification. The fee is not in Pakistani currency as you are residing in the UK. The following tables denote fees and times of passport renewal:

Processing type Application type Fee for 5 years Fee for 10 years Delivery time
Normal processing 2 New MRP/Renewal of MRP £32 £56 Twenty (20) Days
Urgent processing New MRP / Renewal of MRP £52 £92 Ten (10) Days

Benefits Of Using An E-service Portal

The e-service portal is a highly convenient way of applying or renewing your machine-readable passport online. With the quick and easy online application process, you can have your passport ready for mailing as soon as your documentation is complete.

You will need an active internet connection and you can use any internet browser. You won't need any specialized software. It's a completely hassle-free and accessible service for everyone.

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