A new partnership that helps you send money to Thailand

22 Dec 2020 - Category: Blog /
Send Money to Thailand

 In the holiday season, in a year where festivities are needed more than ever, we are always on the lookout for ways to make remittance even easier for you. Small World is pleased to introduce a new partnership with Thai financial solutions provider DeeMoney.

This partnership is all about helping you send money to Thailand as securely and efficiently as possible.

This year, digital remittances to Thailand reached an all-time high of $980.6bn. What does this tell us? Well, it shows that more and more people are moving away from cash and starting to use digital services, like those provided by Small World.

Small World currently offers money transfer direct to a bank account in more than 90 countries and cash pickup from over 250,000 locations.

How does this new partnership with DeeMoney help me?

We are now offering the option of bank deposit for customers wishing to send money to friends and loved ones in Thailand. It is through our partnership with DeeMoney, which is fully licensed by the Bank of Thailand, that we are able to do this.

What are the 5 main benefits of sending money to Thailand with Small World and bank deposit?

Sending money to Thailand via band deposit has a number of benefits:

1. Sending money is safe and secure 

Small World is a regulated financial services company that is trusted by over 15 million customers all over the world. Did you know we handle more than a million transactions each month? By sending money to Thailand with us, you are guaranteeing the safety of your money.

2. We offer great remittance rates and low fees

We are constantly checking our rates against those of our competitors and we consistently provide better value than the banks. In a recent blog you can read more about how we compete with the banks when it comes to online remittance.

3. Fast remittance

By choosing to send money to Thailand via bank deposit, your loved ones can receive their remittance directly into their bank account, often in minutes.

4. Simple and straight forward to send money

Whether through the Small World website or app, you can deposit money into a Thai bank account in just a few easy steps. If it’s your first time, visit our website to find out how to create your account or see the user's guide for our app.

5. Socially distant money transfer

Bank deposit means your beneficiary can access their money without having to leave their house. With the world still recovering from Covid-19, this is a great way to keep your loved ones safe, while still ensuring they receive the money you send.

Why is now a good time to send money to Thailand with Small World?

With Thailand being a predominantly Buddhist country, why send money home in December?

During the holiday season, our customers in (and from) Thailand celebrate the occasion in many different ways. For many it’s the perfect excuse to have fun and Thai people are well known for their collective sense of celebration: any excuse for a party.

Plus, Thailand is notorious for shopping and food: when’s a better time for your loved ones to treat themselves to a little something extra?

It is also worth remembering that your first digital transfer to Thailand is fee-FREE, so there really isn’t a better time to send money to your family back home.

The most popular way to send money to Thailand:

  • Bank deposit

Our partners in Thailand are: Bangkok Bank, SCB, Kasikorn Bank. Krungthai and GSB Social Bank.

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