Why can't I send money transfers with Azimo anymore?

26 Aug 2022 - Category: Blog /
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If you’re someone who often sends money online, you might have heard of Azimo. A company that up until recently allowed customers to send money across the world. However, Azimo announced that they will be stopping their current operations on Wednesday the 31st of August, leaving many customers without a reliable money transfer service.

So, what happened to Azimo? Why did Azimo stop providing money transfers? What are the other alternatives for sending money internationally? And how do you know the best option for yourself?

What happened to Azimo?

If you used to send money with Azimo or were thinking about doing so, you now need to find another alternative. But before we jump into finding better alternatives for money transfers, let’s deep dive into what happened to Azimo.

Azimo has been an active money transfer company since 2012. 

Once up and running, Azimo agreed to use the expansive network of Small World Financial Services to manage their transfers globally. With Small World having one of the largest collaborative networks of banks, partners, and payment providers across the globe, Azimo grew quickly. Azimo is, or was, operating in more than 160 countries allowing customers to transfer money to their family and friends across the world. 

The company attracted millions of customers, who up until now relied on the company to support their international money transfer needs. Azimo was recently acquired by Papaya Global, an Israeli company that specializes in payroll. With Papaya Global taking over Azimo, this is a clear sign that money transfer services won’t be the company’s main focus or priority anymore.

Azimo Money Transfer Review Issues

Before you perhaps decided to send money with Azimo, you might have read a lot of reviews about Azimo and how their transfer works. Or maybe you sent money with Azimo and now you’re wondering” Where is my Azimo transfer” or “What is the status of my Azimo transfer”? 

You might experience or have experienced other issues with your Azimo transfer as they have paused their transaction services. You can try to contact Azimo via their customer services team. Usually, you can also contact their teams on social media but since September 2022, Azimo has deactivated their social media channels.

With Azimo stopping their current transfer services, they leave customers, perhaps like yourself, questioning where to go next. And maybe more importantly - what is the best app to send money?

What is the best app to send money?

With Azimo’s stopping their services and previous customers not being able to send money via the Azimo app, you will need to find another option. 

Maybe you’re wondering “How can I send money to Pakistan with my mobile?” or “What app is the best one to send money to Colombia?”

Questions like the ones above or even “What’s the easiest way to send money via phone” are common. The best advice we can give you is to find an app that allows you to decide how, when, and where to send money in an easy, reliable, and safe way.

If you are looking for the best app to send money internationally, Small World’s is a user-friendly app that makes the registration and transaction journey very easy. Your first transfer is fee-free when you send money via our app.

You can send money to hundreds of countries, including some of the ones below:

Send money to Nigeria online

Send money to Bangladesh online

Send money to Pakistan online

Send money to Colombia online

Send money to Poland online

Send money to the Philippines online

Send money to Argentina online

Send money to Mexico online

Send money to Kenya online

Send money to Sri Lanka online

Send money to Morocco online

Send money to Spain online

Send money to Thailand online

Send money to the UK online

Send money to the US online

Send money to the Dominican Republic online

Send money to Brazil online

Send money to Ghana online

Send money to Italy online

Send money to Ireland online

Send money to Canada online

Send money to Germany online

Send money to Honduras online

…and 100+ more countries. 

Via our app, you can send money for bank transfer, pick-up anywhere, home delivery, mobile wallet, mobile top and cash card reload, depending on what country you’re sending money to.

In addition to being one of the easiest money transfer apps to register with, the Small World app also allows you to track your transfer so you always know the latest update on where your money is. You can easily contact customer service or our customer call centers if you have any questions.

You can download the Small World app here for iPhones, iPads, or any other iOS device.

You can download the Small World app here for Android devices.

What are the best alternatives to sending money abroad?


If you were an Azimo customer, you might have gotten used to sending money monthly or weekly. Now, with Azimo stopping their current money transfer services to countries like Colombia, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Dominican Republic, and Ghana, you need to be looking for an alternative.

The best choice of which money transfer provider to use is always up to you. It depends on where you send money to, exchange rates, how quickly you want the money to arrive, and what payout method your beneficiary prefers. Setting up a money transfer to Colombia is going to be different than sending money to Ghana or transferring money to Bangladesh. 

Most customers do a lot of research before committing to a money transfer provider. And if you were an Azimo customer, you want to find a reliable provider so you don’t find yourself in a similar position later down the line.

Many believe the best alternative is to work with larger companies, as their networks are usually larger and they often work with more partners, making it easier for your beneficiary to get a quick service. Larger companies can often provide customer support quicker and in more languages and offer great rates.

But what company should you go for? If you’re sending money to Cali, your payout options will be different than if you're looking to send money to Dhaka or transfer money to Karachi. 

As Azimo was using Small World’s network in the past, you will get the same payout options with Small World if you were previously an Azimo customer. 

How to register with Small World

Small World is a reliable money transfer company that handles +1 million transactions per month globally. Each year, Small World makes sure over +5 billion pounds arrive safely to our customers’ friends and families in over +190 countries across the world.

Similar to Azimo, you can quickly track your transfer via our app, web, or customer services. But differently to Azimo, Small World also offers an extensive network of shops, retailers, agents, and branches across the world that can support you face-to-face.

So, if you’re looking for a company you can fully rely on, why not register with Small World and try out our service? 

It only takes a couple of minutes to set up an account. 

And the best part? 

Your first transfer online is always fee-free, with no promo code needed.

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