The very best top 5 Nigerian Restaurants in London

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top 5 Nigerian Restaurants in London

In the midst of London's rich cultural diversity, you may pause to wonder: does London have good African food? The answer is an irresistible, overwhelming yes. London is home to an impressive array of international cuisines, and Nigerian cuisine, with its rich variety of flavorful dishes, deserves a special position among them. Let's go on an adventure together, a quest to find the best Nigerian food London has to offer.


Discover the Best Nigerian Restaurant Near You in London

The many different cultures that call the West African country of Nigeria home are reflected in the country's delicious and varied cuisine. Locally grown vegetables and meats like cow, goat, and chicken are the cornerstones of traditional Nigerian cuisine. Fresh seafood is included in some of the soups and stews. Nigerian cuisine, upon closer inspection, does not feature a multi-course meal. The main course is typically the most anticipated part of a meal. The meal may consist of anything from akara and rice to stew and cooked veggies, depending on the time of day.

If you’re here to know what is the most famous Nigerian meal, here’s what you need to know:

  • Suya, a sort of spicy skewered meat, has bold, earthy flavors;
  • Egusi soup, made from melon seeds, is creamy and spicy;
  • Jollof rice is undoubtedly the most famous Nigerian meal.

To answer the question, Where can I find the best Nigerian restaurant near me in London? All bases are covered here. Here is a hand-picked selection of the finest Nigerian dining options in London.

Top 5 Nigerian Restaurants in London

Here is the list of Nigerian restaurants in London that should be on your wishlist:

  • Enish Nigerian Restaurant.

One of London's trendiest and finest eateries is this English-Nigerian joint. This Nigerian eatery has locations all across London, including Oxford Street, Finchley Road, and many others. Paint & Chop is a popular event where people come to paint, chop, and generally have a good time. Some DJs play great tunes all night long while you enjoy your food. In addition, it is possible to reserve the venue for exclusive use. Their venue is ideal for any type of function, from wedding receptions to business meetings. The timing is also ideal, from 1 pm to 12 am, you may enjoy there as much as you like.

Dish suggestion: Their must-try dish is called Isi Ewu!

  • K’s Spice.

K's Spice is one of the top Nigerian restaurants in London, serving authentic, delicious African cuisine made with only the freshest ingredients. There are a variety of starters, main courses, and K's Spice specials to choose from at this eatery. YAMor soup is only one example of the side dishes that complement the specials, which typically feature fish as the primary attraction.

Some of the greatest Nigerian dishes, including gizzards and goat meat, are on display. K's Spice also offers online reservation services. Delicious African sweets are available at this eatery. So, what are you waiting for? Get on 13 Pier Rd, UK, and enjoy the delicious Nigerian blend!

Dish Suggestion: If you’re a soup person, then you must try Pepper Fish Soup!

  • The 805 Restaurant.

The 805 Restaurant is one of the top Nigerian restaurants in London, and it has two locations in the city: Kendal Street and Hyde Park. The cuisine of Nigeria is a melting pot of many cuisines and stews, each of which has its own backstory. This eating establishment chain first opened in 2001 and has continued ever since. The good thing is you can avoid the crowd and wait in line for a table by placing a reservation ahead of your visit. You may easily reserve a table by selecting a time, a place, and the number of people that will be joining you. Also, private dining rooms are available for booking so you can give your special ones or corporate meetings a private ambiance.

Dish Suggestion: Their Monika Fish is a must-try!

  • Lolak Afrique.

The authentic Nigerian cuisine of Lolak Afrique has made it one of London's most popular Nigerian eateries. This eatery became well-known in London after it opened in 1996, bringing with it a new kind of Nigerian delicacy. Peckham, Foresthill, and Tulsehill are the three locations where the restaurant serves its customers. Most of the restaurants' sauces are founded on a proprietary blend of tomatoes and African Scotch Bonnet. Delicious specialties, prepared with ingredients imported specifically from Nigeria and other African countries, are on offer at the eateries.

Dish Suggestion: While you’re there, you must try Ewa Agoyin!

  • Ikoki.

Ikoki isn't just one of London's best restaurants; it's in the top 50 restaurants in the world. The restaurant is one of several in London serving Nigerian cuisine, and it is notable for its tasting menu, which is available Monday through Thursday evenings and on Fridays for lunch. On Wednesdays and Thursdays, the restaurant serves a limited lunch menu. The food is delicious, and you will leave the restaurant feeling satisfied both physically and emotionally.

Dish Suggestion: Spinach Stew in Eggplant is their specialty, and many vouch for it!

Your quest for the best Nigerian meal will be fulfilled with this guide. So, grab your purse and get ready to experience the authentic Nigerian food ride while in London!

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