How To Renew My Nigerian Passport In the UK?

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The ease and security provided by contemporary solutions have made renewing your Nigerian passport in the UK easier than ever. Today, you may renew your passport digitally, saving time and effort. Gone are the days of standing in lines and paperwork. We will walk you through every stage of renewing your Nigerian passport in the UK in this in-depth blog post.


Recognizing the value of passport renewal

Your passport serves as your global access code. You are given the liberty to go places, work abroad, and take part in international activities. However, the lifespan of a passport is capped at ten years for Nigerian passports. To prevent any delays in your vacation, it's essential that you renew your passport on schedule.

Although Nigerian passport renewal is a basic process while you are in the United Kingdom. But, it demands careful planning and attention to detail in order to avoid any complications. It does not matter if your passport has already expired, if it is about to expire, or if you simply need a new one, here is the process:

Accumulate all necessary documents

Make sure you have the following important documents with you before going to the Nigerian High Commission or Embassy in the UK:

  • Valid passport for Nigeria, including the original and a photocopy of it.
  • Application form for a Nigerian passport that is properly filled out and signed.
  • Two current pictures in the size required for passports.
  • Evidence that the reactivation price has been paid in full.
  • Documentation demonstrating that you are permitted to live and work in the UK, such as a visa, residence permit, or indefinite leave to remain.
  • A birth certificate or an official statement of age may be required.
  • In the event that it applies, a marriage certificate.
  • Report to the police (in the event that your passport is misplaced).
  • Fulfill all of the requirements on the Application for a Nigerian Passport.

On the official website of the Nigerian High Commission or Embassy, you will find a form for applying for a Nigerian passport, which you may download and print off. Please ensure that the information you provide on the form is correct and that it corresponds with the information in your current passport.

Make sure you pay the Nigerian passport renewal fee

The price that must be paid while renewing a Nigerian passport in the United Kingdom might change depending on the kind of passport being renewed and the processing speed that is selected. Visit the website of the official Nigerian High Commission or Embassy to verify the most recent costs, as well as the accepted ways of payment.

You must pay the Nigerian passport renewal fee using one of the approved payment methods, and you must save the receipt of payment for your own records. Make sure you check the current amount and the acceptable mode of payment. However, the fee varies from $37 to $137 depending on the type of passport you are getting renewed and whether it is for a child or a senior citizen.

Make sure to schedule a visit!

You will need to make an appointment with either the Nigerian High Commission or the Nigerian Embassy in order to hand in your application and the supporting documentation. You may arrange an appointment with them online through their website, or you can get in touch with them by phone or email to learn more about the appointment procedure.

Show up for the appointment

Reach at the Nigerian High Commission or Embassy on the day that you get from the embassy or your appointment with all of the required papers, including the application form, the receipt of payment, and the original passport. Prepare yourself for an interview as well as the collection of biometric data, which may be your fingerprints and an image of your face.

How Long does It take to renew a passport

There are a number of factors that can affect how long it takes to renew your Nigerian passport, including the type of passport you have, the number of applications received, and the processing mode that you select. In many cases, it may take a few weeks for you to have your passport after having it renewed. During your appointment, be sure to inquire about the anticipated length of the processing time.

Retrieve your renewed passport

You will receive a notification from the Nigerian High Commission or Embassy as soon as the processing and approval of your renewed passport is complete. You have the option of picking up your renewed passport in person, or you may make arrangements to have it mailed to the address you provided. Once it is renewed you will get the passport and Voila you are all set to plan your trips.

Wrapping Up

In conclusion, thanks to contemporary techniques that simplify the procedure, renewing your Nigerian passport in the UK has never been simpler. You can have a simple and quick passport renewal experience by arranging appointments, making secure online payments, and tracking your application.

Moreover, when you follow the steps discussed above you not only go through the process without any hassle, you also tend to enjoy all your trips seamlessly.

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