How To Prepare For Ramadan This Year?

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Ramadan is one of the most important months in the Islamic calendar. It's the month when Allah revealed a portion of the Quran to the Prophet Muhammad (PBUH).

It is a month Muslims all over the world spend praying, making dua, doing Adhkar, reading the Quran or listening to Audio Quran, fasting and reflecting.

According to the Hadith, the Prophet (PBUH) feels dearly sorry for the man who got himself Ramadan but couldn't rid himself of past sins. Therefore, Muslims should strive to get the most out of this month.

To best utilize the blessed month, you should start your Ramadan prep weeks before it starts.

There are mostly two ways to prepare for Ramadan- spiritually and physically. In addition to that, it's smart to focus on the financial side, too, since Ramadan is also the month for charity and Zakat.


6 Tips to prepare yourself for Ramadan

Ramadan is as spiritually demanding for the Muslim as it is physically. Many Muslims might strictly abide by the protocol of Ramadan physically, they fail to tame their minds which is as important as fasting.

For many, not being able to tame their minds may look like failing to protect themselves from haram media, lying, quarreling, backbiting, etc.

Fasting is a physically demanding task even for the fittest people. Like, skipping meals is one thing. However, not having a drop of water or some coffee and snacks for 12-14 hours? That's a challenge by which Islam teaches a valuable lesson.

Fortunately, Allah (SWT) gave us the Ramadan prep months to train ourselves for all these challenges.

Let's see how to prepare for a fast physically and spiritually.

1. Stop Mindless Scrolling and Browsing

Everyone knows you have to abstain from physical relationships while you’re fasting.

But many don’t understand that looking at explicit content or other media is also forbidden. You might be pure at heart but the glimpse of a haram image provides Shaytan all the opportunity he needs to drive you astray.

Therefore, Muslims, especially young people, should prepare beforehand. You can start by ceasing the mindless scrolling on social media.

Also, consider the option for turning off images on your browser. It might also be a good time to stop watching movies that provide no real value other than cheap entertainment.

2. Practice Truthfulness

According to Sahih Bukhari, your fast is meaningless to Allah (SWT) if you don’t abstain from false speech.

Even a seemingly harmless lie might have consequences in the grand scheme of things that humans are too insignificant to understand.

These are lies we might tell in the market to save some bucks or to get out of work a few hours early.

So, keep the practice of basic honesty at the top of your Ramadan preparation list.

3. Patience And Anger Management

Islam has always been a strong advocate of peace and patience. The Prophet Muhammad advises,that if someone comes up to you during the month of Ramadan and wants to fight (verbally or physically), tell them you are fasting.

The Hadith focuses on the necessity of controlling your impulses during the month of Ramadan and beyond.

So, start being more patient and avoiding unnecessary fights when preparing for Ramadan.

4. Get Your Salah In Order

Salah is one of the most vital pillars of Islam. Regardless of their situation, all Muslims must establish the daily five prayers namely Fajr, Dhuhr, Asr, Maghrib and Isha.

If you aren't fulfilling that criteria, it's time to get punctual with your prayers. Start praying the five Salahs today so you are already in the habit when Ramadan 2024 (Hijri 1445) starts.

Those who have established the five daily prayers can also improve their routine. For instance, you can make it a target to attend all the prayers at the mosque with the Jamat from now on. Also, start meditating more during the Salah instead of just going through the motions.

The twenty Rakat of Taraweeh is an integral part of Ramadan. This can be overwhelming for those who are not in the habit. So, start adding some extra rakats to your Isha prayer.

5. Increase Your Connection With The Quran

One of the greatest accomplishments during Ramadan is to complete the recitation of the entire Quran.

The Holy book is divided into thirty Paras or sections. So, the target is to recite and complete one section every day of Ramadan. That might be difficult for those who haven't recited the Quran in a while. So, familiarize yourself more with the Quran (also known as Al Quran) when you prepare for Ramadan. This is especially necessary for Muslims who don’t speak Arabic fluently.

Read some portion of the book every day in the months leading to Ramadan. Focus on the meaning and importance of each Ayat or Ayah. That way, your recitation would be more fluent during the holy month.

6. Adjust Meal Times and Medicine

The sudden change in eating habits during Ramadan shocks the body. Therefore, some Muslims experience digestion issues for the first few days of the holy month. To familiarize your system, start fasting twice a week in the prep months.

You can also set your meal times in the Suhoor and Iftar pattern. So, take sips of water or very light snacks during the day. But eat your meals during the Maghrib and at midnight. This also helps you adjust your sleep and exercise routines.

These leading months are also the best time to adjust your oral diabetic and heart medications. Changing the drug schedule on the first day of Ramadan is risky. You might upset the body too much and miss a few or several days of fasting.

Financial Preparation For Ramadan Is Also Important

Allah (SWT)’s reward for his servants' charity during Ramadan is 70 times greater than an average month.

Therefore, you should start saving some money every day in these prep months, so you have plenty to give during Ramadan. Your Financial Preparation also includes figuring out your yearly Zakat.

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This is helpful for Muslims residing in Western societies where it might be challenging to find the right candidate for Zakat.

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