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Best courses in England

London is a city of dreams and if you’ve stepped in here to hone your skills, then you need to move in the right direction. After all, education is one of the biggest investments that you make — one that affects your lifestyle and future. So it becomes essential that you earn a degree that provides you with the best long-term opportunities, and lets you realize your goals.

​The Stock Market and Investments were once the most lucrative career option in London, and the dream of every international student. Although it continues to enjoy the status, technology seems to be a close competitor. With technological advancement and innovation, there are countless options that one can explore. So if you are looking out for career options for yourself or a dear one, then below-listed are some of the most in-demand career options in the present day.

A career in Investments

If you fancy being a high roller, then here’s your chance to be one. The London Stock Exchange is one of the most promising career options in London, which generally requires a graduation or post graduation in Business Management. You could also choose the right specialization and thereby increase your chances of getting employed. Some of the best places for Finance aspirants to pursue education in London would be the London Business School, Oxford, University of Warwick, Cranfield and Durham.

Explore Banking Careers

Stock Market careers can beyond doubt turn out to be extremely stressful and if that’s not your cup of tea, then you can try something lesser stressful such as Banking. The big difference is that the timeframe and targets for those in the banking sector are generally more relaxed than what professionals in the stock market face. You could consider getting into pure banking or even consider a core specialization such as Mergers and acquisitions, or Risk Management and Compliance.

Direct Sales

As long as there’s business taking place, there is going to be a demand for Sales Professionals, but it is no longer restricted an MBA, like it earlier was. Companies expect you to understand their product or service better, before you sell it. A company that sells IoT products would definitely look for someone with a tech background. Likewise, a Mutual Funds company would want someone with a background in Finance, to sell their products. So, with a specialization, you can get into the Sales teams of some of the most in-demand streams. Therefore, it doesn’t matter if you are from an entirely different background, as you could still move into one of the premier Management schools in London. Some of them are University of Reading, Alliance Manchester Business School or Cass Business School. Most of them have 12 month and 15 month programmes, and a stunning placement record.

Hop into the Digital Marketing bandwagon

With the rapid growth in e-commerce and technology, Digital Marketing is the new weapon used by companies to reach out to millennials, one of the population-wise largest generations after the big boomers. With the increase in social media platforms, digital marketing is a fast-growing career, with over $100 billion dollars being spent towards it in 2018. This is evident with the increase in ecommerce and the influence that e-stores have on our daily lives. So it’s no surprise that the two most sought-after specialisations or offshoots in the digital world are E-Commerce and Digital Marketing. Some of the best places to pursue a course in this field are University of Leeds, Lancaster University and University of Sussex.

Legal Professionals

Cross-border Businesses have only increased the need for those who can help bridge the gap and ensure complete legal compliance, and empower expansion through mergers and acquisitions. This beyond doubt requires a thorough understanding of business and law, currently one of the most trending professions. Business Attorneys are no wonder highly in demand, worldwide, and London is no different. So, if you are interested in this field then there are a multitude of courses that you can explore and realise your dream to be a successful Attorney or legal professional in London. Some of the best colleges that offer law courses are London School of Economics, University of York, University of Glasgow, and University of Leeds.


Although, the Silicon Valley in the US has long since been the dream of almost every Techie, things seem to be fast changing. Currently, London offers countless opportunities for those interested in this professional stream.  As the word goes, coding is the new form of literacy, and that’s absolutely true for those seeking to pursue a long-term career in London. With the spur in the manufacture of smart devices, there is an increasing need for professionals who can shape-up things and make it more appealing for the final consumer. After BREXIT, the need for tech professionals in England is only going to increase. If that’s what you wish to get into, then you could pursue courses in Programming, Artificial Intelligence, Robotics, etc...

When one thinks of studying in England — it’s seldom without worrying about one’s finances. That’s quite instinctive considering the kind of fee one needs to pay. Moreover, expenses seem to increase each time you run a calculation. Since London is one of the most expensive cities and living in London isn’t cheap, it is anything but normal to feel that way. So if you are sick worrying about having to scrape up all your savings to get there, then here’s some good news.

For those who are exceptionally talented, colleges in England offer amazing scholarships to international students. The UK Government offers several scholarships for foreign nationals who wish to pursue education in England through the Chevening Scholarship, Comonwealth Master’s scholarships and several others. Besides that, several individual universities such as Cambridge and Rhodes offer their individual scholarship programs which can considerably bring down the tuition fees. By qualifying for a scholarship, you are definitely going to be able to manage your expenses better, while getting closer to your dream job.

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