Why transferring money to Kosovo is easier than you think

27 Dec 2021 - Category: Blog /
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It has never been easier to send money to Kosovo. Today you can quickly and securely make online money transfers to family and friends in Kosovo and trust that the funds will be transferred without any hassle.

If you have loved ones in Kosovo or if you have any business partners based in Kosovo you may want to know exactly how you can send money to Kosovo and why it’s so easy.

In this blog we’ll explore why sending money to Kosovo is easier than you think by highlighting a few topics including:

  • Money Transfers in Kosovo
  • Payout Methods in Kosovo
  • Exchange Rates
  • Our Partners in Kosovo
  • Transfer money to Kosovo with Small World

Money transfers in Kosovo

Digital finance has become a part of daily life for many people living in Kosovo. Through online money transfer services, like Small World, people in Prishtina all the way to Gjakova and Ferizaj have been able to increase their easy access to quick finances.

This rise in accessibility is not just limited to the tech-savvy youth, the increase in remittances suggest that all kinds of people are benefitting from money transfers to Kosovo. Remittances to Kosovo in July 2021 were around 102.50 EUR Million and this has, in large part, been facilitated by the emergence of easy and secure online money transfer services.

Payout Methods in Kosovo

Sending money to Kosovo is easier than you think because of Small World. If you choose to use Small World to send money to Kosovo there are a number of methods you can use. Before we explore why using Small World is beneficial, we’ll highlight the transfer service options we offer:

  • Cash Pickup

One of the most simple ways to transfer funds is via cash pickup. All you need to do is to send money for cash pickup to any of our cash pickup collection locations in Kosovo.

This method is accessible to everyone, especially to any friends and family in Kosovo who may not be familiar with receiving money online and prefer to collect physical cash. Simply find the cash pickup location that is closest to where the recipient lives and use Small World to send your money there for pickup. It’s easy, simple and safe.

  • Bank Deposits

A bank deposit is exactly what it sounds like. You can send money directly to a bank account in Kosovo of your choice and the transfer is done by Small World to ensure your money is secure and convenient. Your recipient can remain in the comfort of their own home and receive your money straight in their bank account.

Exchange Rates

The currency of Kosovo is the Euro. When you are transferring from a country that doesn’t use the Euro you may have to think about exchange rates. If you want to send money from overseas to Pristina, Prizren or Gjilan then it helps to know about the major exchange rates with the Euro.

For example, on average in 2021 the exchange rate between the Euro and the British Pound has been 1 GBP to 1.15 EUR. Similarly, the average exchange rate between the Euro and the US Dollar has been 1 EUR to 1.19 USD. These exchange rates illustrate how much your dollars or pounds will be worth when you transfer money to Kosovo and they are exchanged for Euros.

With Small World you don’t need to worry about exchange rates because we ensure that you always get the best possible exchange for your money when you make an international transfer.

Our Partners in Kosovo

To ensure we can provide the best possible service we partner with local banks and financial institutions. This ensures that money transfer services are fast and accessible wherever you are in Kosovo.

Our partners also provide us with local expertise and are a trusted way to ensure that the recipients of your money have a hassle-free time. We have pick up locations all across the country in cities like Pristina, Fushë, Prizren, Podujevo, Lipljan and many more. This ensures that wherever you are in the country you will easily be able to gain access to any money sent via Small World.

We operate with major partners in Kosovo including BKT Bank and Finser.

BKT Bank Kosovo (UPT)

BKT Bank is one of the oldest and largest banks in Kosovo. The first branch of the bank was established in 1925 and still the bank exists today with branches across Kosovo. The bank offers a number of services including commercial banking, financial services, treasury operations, corporate banking and retail banking.

Many people in Kosovo bank with BKT Bank which makes it one of the best banks for online money transfer services like Small World to be partnered with.

See here the locations of BKT Bank Kosovo pick up spots where you can send your money.


Finser provides a number of financial services and alongside Small World they have been able to help many people make secure, quick and effective money transfers to Kosovo. They provide smart banking solutions and are a reliable way to ensure that you can support your loved ones through a simple cash pickup service.

See here the locations of Finser pick up spots where you can transfer your money.

Transfer Money to Kosovo with Small World

If you need a quick, reliable and secure way to transfer funds to your friends, family or business partners in Kosovo then you can use Small World. As well as using our website you can use our app on Android or Apple devices to transfer money to Kosovo.

Through bank deposits or cash pickup, you can transfer money instantly and ensure that your people in Kosovo are never in any financial trouble. To learn more about Small World and how you can transfer money to Kosovo, click here.

Your first transfer online is always free of fees!

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