When is Pakistan Independence Day?

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pakistan independence day

Pakistan's Independence Day, August 14th, might be called a double day of freedom. Muslim Indians struggled for independence from British control and then re-armed to fight for their own nation-state, present-day Pakistan, which was originally part of the Indian subcontinent. Pakistan, like India, gained independence from British rule as a Commonwealth dominion on August 14-15th, 1947, with August 14th celebrated yearly as the country's Independence Day.


How and when did Pakistan gain independence?

The Indian independence movement carried out a series of rallies in the 1940s to remove British colonial control in India. With the growth of Muslim nationalism came the formation of the All-India Muslim League, which aimed to protect the interests of the Muslim minority in British India by pushing for the founding of Pakistan as a different state. Muhammad Ali Jinnah led the campaign for an independent Muslim country, which was solidified by the partition of India and the birth of Pakistan on August 14th, 1947. Every year on August 14th, the 231.4 million people making up Pakistan's population celebrate their country's independence.

How does Pakistan celebrate independence day?

Pakistan Independence Day is a national holiday in the country. On August 14th, cities and villages around Pakistan came alive in a celebration of independence and nationalism. The biggest Independence Day ceremony is held in Islamabad, with the national flag raised over the Parliament and Presidency buildings. This is followed by the national anthem and heavily circulated and televised speeches byPakistan's founding father Muhammad Ali Jinnah also known as Quaid-e-Azam (meaning Great Leader), the current President and the current Prime Minister.

How to celebrate Pakistan Independence Day?

Celebrating Pakistan Independence Day can be a fun activity for people who are aware of the day or wish to learn more about it.

Pakistanis celebrate Independence Day with enthusiasm. The colors for the day are the green and white of the country's flag. The national flag is displayed everywhere, and fireworks shows are prevalent. Across the country, flag-hoisting ceremonies are held both publicly and privately. You might also try some of these suggestions for enjoying and celebrating the holiday, or come up with your own:

  • Raising the Pakistani Flag.

Those who live in Pakistan or have Pakistani ancestors may choose to hoist a flag in celebration of the day. State flags have white backgrounds on the left and dark green panels on the right. A white crescent moon and a little white star lie on the dark green panel.

Many people in Pakistan also turn their flags into garments such as kurtas (long, loose shirts) and bandanas or accessories such as tote bags to add to their day-long celebration events. Whether it’s a shirt painted green and white like the flag, or a cowboy cap with a crescent moon and star, the Pakistani flag is apparent everywhere on this day!

  • Participate in Pakistan Independence Day Activities.

Those who live in Pakistan can surely enjoy visiting some of the various regional celebrations and ceremonies that take place across the country. Participating in local community events is a great idea whether you live in Islamabad or one of the other smaller cities or villages.

Those living outside Pakistan can watch parades or military marches and bands performing, listen to patriotic music, see award presentations, and hoist a national flag through YouTube. This is also a good time to pick up some amusing souvenirs and tokens made and offered in honor of the day. Poetry competitions, cricket tournaments, and choirs singing or playing the national anthem are all part of Pakistan Independence Day celebrations.

  • Try Pakistani Cuisine.

Those who are fortunate enough to live near a Pakistani restaurant may enjoy trying a variety of dishes from the Pakistani menu. If not, then preparing Pakistani cuisine would be a great way to spend the day!

Most Pakistani food is highly seasoned and spicy, and its origins can be traced back to Punjab or Sindh. Dishes include a range of ingredients, including meats such as cattle, buffalo, goat, or sheep. Bread, cheeses, fish, almonds, and chickpeas can also be found in dishes.

  • Throw a Pakistan Independence Day celebration.

Even those who do not live in Pakistan but feel attached may be able to perform a short internet search to find community members nearby who might like to join in on the celebration. Exchange information about Pakistan, find like-minded Pakistani via online Muslim communities and enjoy some festivities along with Pakistani food such as piping hot Nihari (beef stew). Remember to wear Green and White, the colors of the country's flag!

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