What Small World’s partnership with Ecobank means for you

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Who is Ecobank?

You might have seen the news announcing our partnership with Ecobank in Africa and wondered what it means for you and how it improves your support to friends and family.

The good news is that it will make it easier and quicker for you to send money to a country in Africa, and will give you even more options. In this blog we will look at:

Small World’s partnership with Ecobank

We know that you work hard to send money home. Our goal is to find ways to save you time and make the process as easy as possible.

This is why we collaborate and build partnerships that help make the process of sending money back to your loved ones easier. Partnering with Ecobank, and connecting you to their large network across Africa, is a great example of this.

By sending money through Small World, you can now make the most of Ecobank’s huge network, one that covers more of Africa than any other bank.

Speaking of the partnership, our Regional Director of Africa, Yves Dogo, says, “Small World always partner up with companies to help our customers. By welcoming Ecobank, and its +50,000 locations across Africa, customers get access to more ways to send money home”.

Who is Ecobank?

Providing more options and better services for our customers is the driving force beyond all our partnership. Let’s find out some more about our new partner and what it means for you.

Ecobank operates in West, Central, Eastern and Southern Africa, it has become known as the Pan African Bank.

Key statistics about Ecobank include:

  • 33 African countries represent Ecobank
  • 1,265 branches
  • 250,000 Ecobank pick-up locations
  • 2,690 ATMs

This means your loved one can pick up money you send in a lot more locations and ATMs due to our partnership.

If you look at the Ecobank website you will see the many different products and services that they offer to customers.

These include the Ecobank mobile app for mobile banking, Xpress banking with an Ecobank USSD code, current accounts and saving accounts. Whether your family prefer internet banking, mobile banking or more traditional in-branch banking, Ecobank will have the right service.

Our partnership makes money transfer even easier. Anyone with an Ecobank account will be able to receive money from overseas in the quickest way possible.

Ecobank’s commitment to customer service

It’s important for us to work with partners who care about providing you with excellent service. One of Ecobank’s three key principles is quality customer service.

Across Africa, your family can be certain that if they have any questions, they will be answered by trained professionals who are there to help.

If you send money via Ecobank there will be local support for your family who understand local issues and will be available at the right time for them. You can find the relevant Ecobank customer care number for each country here.

For example, we know that Nigeria is a particularly popular country for money transfers. From Ecobank’s Lagos-based head office in Nigeria to the branches and locations across the county, your loved ones in Nigeria will be offered local customer service.

Ways to send money to Africa through Small World and Ecobank

Doesn’t Ecobank sound like a great partner so far?

Here’s the really important part and why this relationship is so important to you. You can send money to Africa in the following ways:

Bank transfer: Your friends and family just need an account with Ecobank and you’ll be able to send currency to them directly via a digital transfer. This is a fast and efficient service trusted by millions of our customers.

Mobile Wallet: Similar to bank transfer, but instead of a traditional bank account your recipient just needs an Xpress account (activated with an Ecobank transfer code) and they can then receive money directly into their mobile wallet.

Both bank transfer and mobile wallet remove the need to travel or wait in a queue. These area good options if your loved one lives far from a branch or doesn’t like travelling to pick up cash.

Cash pick-up: Collecting money in person remains the preference for many people. Your loved one can visit one of Ecobank’s network of 250,000 locations and pick the place which is most convenient.

You always benefit from our new partnerships as we collaborate with them to make life easier for you.

By partnering with Ecobank, we are giving you more options than ever before. You can send money to the people who need it the most, in the way that works best for you.

Why not send money today and make the most of Small World and Ecobank’s partnership?

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