Top 10 Most Beautiful Places in Pakistan

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Pakistan’s Beauty

Discover hidden beauties and explore the many historic wonders of Pakistan. Throughout the country, some monuments reach back to antiquity and natural wonders will take your breath away.

Hopefully one day soon you can enjoy all that Pakistan has to offer. So, let’s have a look at some of the most beautiful places in Pakistan.

  • Lahore

This whole city is a historical wonder to behold. It is a bustling metropolis alive with culture and built on ancient foundations. Whether you want to explore historical sites, visits mosques or luxuriate in luscious gardens, Lahore is one of the most beautiful places in Pakistan and has it all.

The city is a popular tourist stop because of the famous Lahore Fort, Badshahi Mosque and the Shalimar gardens. Lahore is also where you can find some of the best food spots in Pakistan.

The Fort Road Food Street is a five-minute walk from Badshahi Mosque and boasts some of the most vibrant and memorable restaurants in the city.

There is so much to see in Lahore so make sure you’re there for at least a few days to soak in all the beauty and culture.

  • Hunza Valley

The Hunza Valley: one of the best chances to snap pics of beautiful places in Pakistan. Hunza lies on the ancient silk road and is famous for being one of the most hospitable and friendly places in Pakistan.

In Hunza you can visit the scenic Attabad Lake, Eagle’s Nest or Rakaposhi Peak. This discreet mountainous region contains many hidden beauties that are worth visiting. The epic sunsets and enchanting views make it worth the trip.

  • Kalasha Valleys

The Kalasha Valleys in Chitral are home to the Kalash tribe. They are a unique people supposedly descended from Alexander the Great and follow a form of ancient Hinduism. The Kalash women are renowned for wearing uniquely colorful and traditional dresses and headwear.

The three main valleys are Bumboret, Rumbur, and Birir. Here you can experience the tranquil and mesmerising beauty of Pakistan like nowhere else. It is a place where you can observe quiet serenity and explore a culture that you’ve probably never interacted with.

  • Shah Jahan Mosque

Shah Jahan Mosque is also known as the Jamia Masjid and is a World Heritage Treasure. It is known for the elaborate tile work that is among the most beautiful in all of South Asia.

It is a 17th century building constructed during the reign of Mughal emperor Shah Jahan. The mosque can be found in Thatta in the Sindh province. You can spend hours inside and still not be able to fully appreciate the craftsmanship that went into designing and building each and every room. It is one of the most popular and beautiful places to visit in all of Pakistan.

  • Rohtas Fort

This 16th century fortress located in the Punjab province is one of the largest and most striking structures in the subcontinent. It became a UNESCO World Heritage site in 1997 because it is an “exceptional example of early Muslim military architecture in Central and South Asia.”

Here you can view monumental gateways, bastions, and other magnificent defensive works. It is a fantastic relic of a bygone era that you can spend hours exploring.

  • Faisal Mosque

The Faisal Mosque in Islamabad is the fifth-largest mosque in the world and one of the most beautiful places to visit in Pakistan. It is an enormous building that rises out of the foothills of Margalla Hills. Compared to the many ancient structures across Pakistan this Mosque, built in the 1970s, is a modern masterpiece.

  • Katpana Desert

Stark and cold and vast. The Katpana Desert can be distinguished from most other deserts in the world because of its altitude. It is covered in beautiful rolling sand dunes but is also the highest cold desert in the world.

Here you will get views that you can find nowhere else in Pakistan. The wild and rare beauty of the Katpana Desert is known as the Cold Desert and is located near Skardu. In the winter the dunes are covered in snow which makes for a truly remarkable landscape.

  • Deosai National Park

Land of Giants. Deosai national park is a high altitude plain on the Karakoram-West Tibetan Plateau. The park is host to a diverse range of natural beauty and during the spring is alive with millions of wildflowers.

It was established as a national park in order to protect the endangered Himalayan brown bear that roams the plains. It is both devastatingly beautiful and incredibly vast. If you visit you will be reminded of how small we are and the need to protect the wonderful wildlife that makes places like the Deosai National Park so special.

  • Fairy Meadows

In recent years there has been a tremendous influx of tourism to Fairy Meadows because of its epic views and luscious meadows. Fairy Meadows were declared a national park in 1995 and has since become a popular tourist attraction.

But it’s not easy to get to. The journey there requires one to drive along one of the scariest roads in the world through mountainous terrain. The threat of a 2000m sheer drop will make your heart skip a beat as you make your way to and from the meadows. After the drive you will have to endure a bit of a hike before you can enjoy the stillness and beauty of the natural setting.

  • Peshawar

You can easily get lost in the vibrant life of the Peshawar bazaars. The old streets of Peshawar are home to an exciting variety of cultures, cuisines and colours. You can hear a mix of Pashto, Urdu, and Hindko as you walk between bazaars. The merchants you meet throughout the city add to the beauty and the mystery of the traveller’s experience.

Some stand-out places to visit in Peshawar include the Peshawar Museum, home to the most extensive collection of Gandharan art, and the 1920s Khyber Railway.

Pakistan’s Beauty

Whether Lahore or Kashmir or the valleys and lakes have piqued your interest, there is plenty to see and experience in Pakistan. The landscape is full of ancient and epic views that will take your breath away.

There are ancient forts, intricately designed mosques and remote villages throughout Pakistan that are among the most beautiful places in the world to visit.

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