Tips to Beat the Heat this Summer

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Summer has just arrived! So it’s time to put your shades on and hit the beach, or at least plan a poolside BBQ party with your family and friends. No matter how you choose to spend your summer in London, there’s something you need to protect yourself from. Any guesses? Well, it’s the harmful UV rays of the sun. So, to help you get through the summer heat, here are some quick tips that we’ve compiled, just for you — but before we get there, let’s reason out why you need to protect yourself in summer.

Why should you protect yourself during summer in the UK?

Most of us look forward to getting that beautiful summer tan, but while some of it is fine, overexposure to the sun can turn out to be fatal. As a matter of fact, melanoma skin cancer cases are on the rise in the UK, and in 2016 alone, close to sixteen thousand new cases were reported. If that’s got you worried, then here’s a reason to brighten-up. According to studies, almost 86 percent of the melanoma skin cancer cases are preventable.

If you think you now know why you need to protect yourself from the summer heat, then there’s more to it. During summer, it’s common to suffer from heatstroke, dehydration, hay fever, and more. So it’s very important that you guard caution and with the below-mentioned health tips, this shouldn’t be a problem at all. Let us now take you through some quick tips to stay healthy this summer.

Tips to Stay Healthy During Summer

​ In London, summer typically begins around June and lasts until the end of September, and this is when most people fall ill. So, for your own good health and to save up some of NHS’ funds, consider incorporating the below-mentioned tips to stay healthy this summer.

1. Avoid venturing out during Midday

Running or Cycling is quite tempting during the summer months, but you need to indulge in outdoor activities at the right time. Experts conclude that the midday UV rays are the most harmful, and so we recommend that you avoid venturing out during those hours. The best time for outdoor enthusiasts to get their share of sunshine is early in the morning — so grab a bike and watch the sunrise.

2. Get your hands on the right Sunscreen

 Beware! Never pick a sunscreen randomly, because choosing the right one adds an extra layer of protection to your skin. If you aren’t sure how to choose the right one, then we’ll sort that out for you. Simply take a look at the SPF to ensure that it is above 30 — it’s that simple. Now if you already have one with SPF 20 or above, then there’s no need to toss it into the bin. Instead, use it at night, when you are hanging out for some ice cream or anything else. During summer, the UV rays can harm you even during the nights and it is recommended that you wear a sunscreen with SPF 20 or above. So don’t underestimate the power of sunscreen.

3. Don’t forget your Insect Repellent as you venture into the Woods

Sadly, your sunscreen doesn’t keep away ticks, and in summer they are all set to cause the Lyme disease — a dangerous health condition that affects over 3,000 people in Britain, each year. Apparently, the only way to prevent this is by wearing a powerful insect repellent when you venture into the woods or head countryside.

4. Count on Green Smoothies to keep you cool

Smoothies are a great way to stay hydrated and you simply cannot resist one during summer. However, as they are loaded with yogurt and ice creams, you need to find low-calorie options. So to beat the summer heat in the healthiest manner possible, we recommend green smoothies. Look out for the ones that contain a healthy dose of mint and lemon, as these are natural coolants. Also, lemon is rich in Vitamin C, and you need more of this water-soluble vitamin during summer to keep your body nourished.

5. Cut-down on Alcohol, Nicotine, and Caffeine

During summer, rooftop bars are a big hit and hanging out at one those with friends and colleagues, is almost unavoidable. However, it is extremely important that you don’t overdo it. According to reports, at least 3 out of 10 people in the UK tend to consume more alcohol during summer, than they would during the rest of the year. If you are one out of those 3, then watch out because alcohol, nicotine, and caffeine dehydrate the body. So cutting down on them during summer is a lot more important than it is during the rest of the year. So if you feel thirsty, then don’t forget to quench it with some healthy lemonade or some plain water.

6. Supplement the lost bodily fluids and salts

​ Treat yourself with some crunchy salad, seasoned with salt as this helps replenish the lost fluids and salts in the body. You can also consider placing a water pitcher on your table to ensure that you don’t forget to hydrate yourself while you get busy pounding on the keyboard, at work. You can also add in some rock salt, mint leaves and even squeeze a lemon into your water pitcher, to make it more enticing.

7. Avoid Swimming when you are Drunk 

To benefit from any of the above-listed health tips, you need to be alive and what we’ve found out is that during summer, this becomes difficult for those who drink and swim. According to a study, alcohol is found in the bodies of at least 25 percent of those who drown.

It is essential that you guard caution despite the abovementioned health tips, more so if you are suffering from pre-existing health conditions such as asthma and allergies. We recommend that you schedule a visit with your General Physician and get precautionary medications to counter pollen and dust. However, if you are a foreigner in the UK, then here’s how you can access the health system in the UK.

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