The Ultimate Guide to Pick the Best Travel Insurance in the UK

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The Ultimate Guide to Pick the Best Travel Insurance in the UK

Working away from home presents several challenges — Financial, Economic, Environmental and the list goes on. So, when you are expecting to receive your loved ones in the UK, they are likely to face similar problems. In case of dependent relatives, you may face the brunt of it and may have to pay through your nose for any medical expenses that may come up. That’s because there are so many things that can go wrong when someone travels. So, to protect your loves ones and their best interests, you simply cannot neglect buying a travel insurance policy. Therefore, to help you choose the best travel insurance in the UK, we’ve compiled a comprehensive guide for you.

Why is Travel Insurance in the UK so important?

When you book overseas flights for your parents to visit you from your home country, you also need to invest in the right travel insurance. Overseas flights aren’t cheap and there is every possibility of a last- minute cancellation. Also, while your folks come down to visit you, they could face unexpected health concerns or travel fatigue, which may trigger pre-existing health conditions. After all, the chilly winters and the exceptionally warm summers in the UK may not go too well with them. Therefore, you need to pick a comprehensive travel insurance in the UK to keep them safe during their stay and to avoid possible financial blows.

Which travel insurance is best?

The UK has a plethora of travel insurance companies eager to offer you the “best deal” but before you finalize any one of them, you must first know the type of travel insurance policy that best serves the purpose. Once you know your options, you can then look for a travel insurance provider that offers the type of travel insurance policy that you are specifically looking for.

Your choice of a travel insurance policy largely depends on the number of people visiting you, their interests, the purpose of travel and more. If it is to cover up a single visit, you can choose a travel insurance policy based on that. On the other hand, if you expect your parents or relatives to make more than one visit, then considering annual travel insurance, also known as multi-trip travel insurance, may turn out to be more profitable. This is the best travel insurance policy for those planning to visit the UK more than once, within a span of 12 months.

However, if you are having more interesting guests who are eager to try skiing and other winter sports, then you could also choose a winter sports travel insurance in the UK. In fact, travel insurance companies in the UK have been working on several interesting options for travelers with varying interests. For example, if you are planning to take your relatives on a sail trip on a cruise, then you can even buy a cruise travel insurance in the UK. While your choices are unlimited, your needs are unique and with some pre-planning, you can definitely make the right choices.

Check if the Travel Insurance Policy is refundable Some travel insurance service providers refund the travel insurance amount in case of non-usage, either entirely or in part. They do this depending on how much of the insurance cover is used by the insured person — something that’s worth digging into. So, while looking for a travel insurance policy, you need to confirm the refund terms offered by the travel insurance company. Most importantly, you need to keep an eye on exactly how much premium the travel insurance company may refund and the period within which you need to apply for a refund.

Travel Insurance Policy Exclusions

Due to the massive competition within the travel insurance industry in the UK, there is no dearth of cheap travel insurance plans. Nonetheless, you need to be aware of what such a travel insurance policy includes and exactly what it excludes.

Most travel insurance plans do not approve claims for high-risk sports and activities unless you pick one that is specifically designed for that purpose. Also, the insured must be aware of the traffic and driving rules in the UK. Any accident or injury caused due to negligence of the same may exclude the insured from being covered by the travel insurance policy.

While looking for the best travel insurance policy, you must ensure that it includes personal accident cover, cancellation cover, luggage during transit, and most importantly emergency medical and repatriation cover. The emergency medical and repatriation cover helps a sick traveler get back to their home country. However, it is important to know when exactly you can claim the emergency medical and repatriation cover. 

Can I travel to the UK without a Travel Insurance Policy?

The most common question asked by those looking for a travel insurance is whether they can travel to the UK without travel insurance. Surprisingly, the answer is a ‘Yes’, but we advise you against doing so because, without travel insurance, you are exposed to many risks. This may also hurt your finances as the UK is an expensive country, and the NHS does not provide free healthcare services to travelers.


If you have been re-thinking about buying a travel insurance policy for your loved ones, we strongly recommend that you stop thinking and invest in the right one. With coronavirus being at the forefront, people are realizing how important it is to buy travel insurance. However, while buying one, you need to know that there are some common exclusions.

Most insurance companies will not approve the travel insurance claim if the loss has occurred due to the traveler’s reckless and irresponsible behavior. For example, if you lose your luggage because of intoxication then your claim may be rejected. Also, if there is an alert released by the government, and if the insured travels despite government issuing orders against doing so, you may not be able to raise a claim.

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