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There is no dearth of opportunities in the UK, but with Brexit on the cards, you probably want to explore other options — especially if you are from the Europe Union (EU). So if that’s something you’ve been frantically looking up for, then you are in the right place. We have all the information relevant to your current needs and would break it down for you. In order to pursue employment or business opportunities in the US, the first step is to narrow down the right non-immigrant visa. Let us now explore the different types of non-immigrant work visas and how you can use them to chase the American dream.

How to get US Work Visa from UK and EU?

If you are seeking Employment in the US, then the most convenient way of doing it is by finding an Employer who is willing to sponsor your visa.  So you need to find an employer who is willing to file a petition for your non-immigrant work visa by filing the I-129 H. All work visas in the US are petition-based, except for the ones meant for the crew members and media professionals.

Crew members of the sea vehicles and airlines usually hold a C-1 or D visa. Foreign media professionals must however obtain an “I” classification visa even if they belong to one of the 38 countries listed in the VWP. Let us now explore the different types of US work visas for those hailing from the UK and the EU.

Intra-Company Transfer Visa

If your company has a branch in the US, or is desirous of sending you to the US to open a branch or an office then you’ll go on an L-1 Visa, which is also known as Intra-Company transfer visa. However, this is given only in any of the following four scenarios.

  • You are at a Managerial Level 
  • You are at an Executive Level
  • You possess certain specialized knowledge
  • Your company has a blanket L-1

US Work Visa for Specialized Professionals

The H1-B is a non-immigrant visa granted to highly specialized professionals to fill vacancies in the US. It is only granted if there is a dearth of employees for a particular job role. So if an investment company is not able to find the sort of programming expert they need in the US to develop their internal IT architecture, then they can very well consider an alien to fill in the post. While most of the H1-B visa paperwork is done by the employer or prospective employer, there are a few things you should know beforehand.

To begin with, the H1-B visa is usually valid for three years and can be extended up to six years with certain exceptions. If you wish to switch jobs, you may have to find another employer willing to sponsor your visa and carry out the necessary paperwork for you. You get a cushion period of 60 days which you can utilize to find such an employer. If you fail to do that, then be prepared to be deported to your country of origin. The costs for deportation would have to be borne by your employer, unless you have voluntarily terminated your employment agreement or contract with them.

Seasonal or Temporary US Work

Visa Employers hiring temporary or seasonal immigrant workers need to file for the H-2B on their behalf. However the work has to be of non-agricultural nature and must be one that is seasonal or temporary in nature. It could also be temporary opportunities that have been created for load- shedding purposes. However, the H-2 is valid only for a year but can be extended by the employer up to three years.

Besides the above-mentioned options, there’s another type of visa available to those with extraordinary capabilities, known as the O and O-1 visas. These visas attract accomplished professionals from sciences, arts, education, athletics, and even from business. The O visa is granted for a period of 3 years and can be extended any number of times for 1-year duration. All the above-mentioned non-immigrant visas let the wife and children aged under 21 years accompany the visa holder to the US. Let us now look at how you can explore business opportunities in the US

Business Visas

If you are an immigrant desirous of exploring business opportunities in the US, then you must apply for a B-1 visa. The first step is to file the DS-160 Form and pay the necessary application fee, which costs about $160. This visa is valid for a period of six months and does not let the visa holder take his spouse and children with him. In order to take them along, the B-1 holder’s spouse and children must separately apply for B-2 visas.

How to NOT get US Work Visa from UK and EU?

Did you know that quite a few immigration consultants scam those who aspire to relocate to the US by making the wrong recommendations? Always avoid an agent who recommends that you can move to the US because your country of origin qualifies for the Visa Waiver Program (VWP). The VWP is a program through which the US and 38 other countries have a reciprocal agreement to minimize immigration-related formalities. One of these is the UK, but this works only for tourism and business purposes only and not for employment.

Also, make sure that in case of crisis there is someone who can fund you in case of emergencies. For low-transaction fee on receiving foreign exchange, you can transact with Small World. Finally, as most of the US work visa processing is carried out by the employer, you must remain informed about how every decision related to your employment can impact you. Above-mentioned is an overview of the various types of US work visas available. So before your employer or prospective employer makes an application on your behalf, you must make it a point to know its long-term implications.

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