The top 5 European cities with job opportunities for young people

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If you are looking for a new job and a new place to live there are plenty of great cities and sectors to explore. Europe is a fantastic place for young professionals to begin a career, learn new skills and become immersed in a diverse array of cultures and industries.

In this blog, we’ll be highlighting the top 5 European cities with job opportunities for young people, including topics like:

  • The top five cities:
    • Berlin
    • London
    • Copenhagen
    • Vienna
    • Barcelona
  • How to learn other languages
  • How Small World can help

The Top 5 European cities for young job-seekers

  • Berlin

The German capital is well-known for it’s counter-culture music and fashion but it has also, more recently, become a hub for exciting tech and financial companies. Today there are plenty of opportunities for qualified young developers, analysts and product managers in Berlin

Berlin Partner found that there are around 500 new startups in Berlin every year and they’ve collectively secured around $10.8 billion in venture capital, in recent years. This is great news for any ambitious young job-seeker who wants to work hard and play hard.

Berlin is also home to some of the world’s major companies like Microsoft and Google. Both companies have made significant investment in ‘accelerator’ spaces across the capital for new startups. Similarly, Twitter, Uber and Facebook all have offices and a substantial presence in the city.

So, there are job opportunities but what about accommodation and daily life? Well, Berlin is famously relatively affordable when compared to other major cities like London, Tokyo or New York. It remains to be seen whether Berlin will continue to be affordable as businesses continue to boom and more high-flying professionals start making Berlin their new home.

  • London

London has always been a draw for young professionals. It is a massive city with a host of opportunities in a variety of sectors. Whether you’re in tech, banking, consulting, the creative arts, healthcare, engineering or any other industry, there will be opportunities to work.

If you’re into the world of finance, then Canary Wharf may be the right place for you. Alternatively, if you are looking for opportunities in the creative sphere you might be drawn to Soho or Clerkenwell. For startups, head straight to Shoreditch or Islington and you’ll find you can’t move without bumping into the next ‘hit startup’.

All in all, London is a great city for young job-seekers. There is a lot of variety in professional life and different parts of the city offer different professional experiences. Depending on where you live it can be quite expensive. However, the average salary in London is higher than many cities in the rest of the UK and in Europe.

To search for relevant opportunities in London check out Guardian Jobs.

  • Copenhagen

Copenhagen, the capital of Denmark, is one of the most exciting and unique cities in Europe. In recent years, the city has also become one of the best places for young professionals. It is the most populous city in Denmark and there is always somewhere new to eat, drink and dance.

Young professionals in Copenhagen have perfected the art of urban living by making the most of the historic beauty and culture that city has to offer while enjoying the quaint new trends that can be found in other modern cities. Come to Copenhagen if you love architecture, art and cycling. Stay in Copenhagen if you want to work in cleantech, life sciences or renewable energy.

There are plenty of job opportunities in Copenhagen for young professionals. The perks including the great Scandinavian food, and the luscious summer weather, make Copenhagen a stand-out destination for any interested young job-seekers.

  • Vienna

Vienna has been ranked as one of the top cities to live in the world for many years. As well as being a great centre of art and music, Vienna is a growing hotspot for young professionals hoping to kickstart their career.

For many years Vienna has been a great place for the traditional industries like manufacturing, tourism and construction. In recent years Vienna has also grown into a modern business hub for entrepreneurs, startups and the creative arts. While it may not have the reputation of Amsterdam or London when it comes to modern industries, Vienna has been forging its own unique path and it is now a prime choice for any young professional.

  • Barcelona

Living and working in Barcelona is a highly attractive proposition for any young person. As a port city with a thriving tourism industry, Barcelona has always been a place where people from all over the world have mixed and become immersed in the unique culture, food, music and sport that drives the city's beating heart.

Today Barcelona is also one of the biggest incubator cities in Europe for startups and entrepreneurs. It is in the top 10 most attractives cities in the world for digital talent alongside the likes of Berlin and London. Indeed, a couple years ago The Boston Consulting Group, ranked Barcelona the fourth best city in the world to work in.

Barcelona is a digital capital that holds a lot of promise for young professionals interested in climbing the ladder in the tech, finance, and digital industries. With the amazing nightlife and the relatively affordable housing, Barcelon is definitely one of the top European cities to look at for young professionals looking to make an exciting move.

How to learn other languages

An important part of settling and working in any of these European cities is learning the language of the country. Being able to speak even a little bit of the native language will be vital to securing accommodation and employment. Equally, if you want to enjoy everything the city has to offer it helps to know how to communicate with people.

Thankfully, today there a number of ways to learn other languages online and via in-person classes and services, including:

Once you’ve arrived in your city of choice and you’ve settled in there will also be local language services that you can use to improve your skills, meet new people in your area and start feeling at home.

How Small World can help

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