The best way to make online money transfers to Ecuador

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Transfer Money Online to Ecuador

Increasingly more people decide to make online money transfers to Ecuador. Whether for reasons of convenience, or because people think it to be safer, the truth is that online money transfers to Ecuador are gaining ground compared to more traditional methods, such as visiting an agent or store in person, to deliver the amount you want to send.


What delivery methods are available to make online money transfers to Ecuador?

Online commerce in Ecuador has experienced significant growth in recent months. While it is true that situations such as the pandemic may have contributed to this, it is no less true that better access to the Internet has been one of the most powerful reasons to explain the increase in e-commerce in recent years. Regardless of the reason why more and more Ecuadorians use the online channel for their transactions, many people today wonder what is the best way to make online money transfers to Ecuador. In the case of Small World, it's simple: you can select any of the delivery methods available to transfer money through one of our stores or agents. In the case of Ecuador, we have the following payment methods available:

  • Cash: Choose from the more than 19,600 delivery points that we have available throughout the country. You won’t have any problem selecting the one that is most convenient to your family member or loved one.
  • Bank deposit: Don’t force anyone to travel anywhere to collect the money. We handle the automatic deposit of the amount into your beneficiary’s bank account. .
  • Mobile wallet: If your beneficiary has a bank account linked to a phone number, you can also select this delivery method for your money transfer to Ecuador .
  • Airtime top-up: Send money to mobile recharge your recipient's phone in the local currency.

What do I need to do to make an online transfer to Ecuador?

Now that you know that there are no problems regarding your delivery method, you may want to find out what you need to do exactly to be able to make online money transfers to Ecuador. In the case of Small World, it couldn’t be simpler. Simply register with us and, once you’ve created your account, you can make transfers from wherever you want.

Use your computer or mobile application to transfer money to Ecuador

One of the major advantages you have to make your online transfers to Ecuador is that you can select the device that best suits your needs. If you prefer to use a computer, simply visit our website and place your order.

If, on the other hand, you prefer your mobile phone, don’t worry. At Small World we have an app available on the App Store and Google Play to make your money transfers to Ecuador with your mobile phone. The process is similar to the one you have to follow when using our website.

Regardless of whether you use our website or our mobile application, you can check the status of your transfer. Simply enter your payout country and transaction number (MTN) on our website to quickly check the status. Or, you check the transaction status by logging on to your account online or on our App. If you have any questions, Customer Service will be happy to help you

How can I pay for my online order to Ecuador?

You can safely and securely pay for your transaction by using your debit or credit card. Please remember the card must be in your name and must be issued in the USA.

Finally, it is important that you bear in mind that in order to make a card payment, the card must be in your name and must be issued in the country from which you want to send money.

Welcome offer for the first online money transfer to Ecuador

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Make the most of this offer today and send money online to Ecuador with Small World.Our main partners in Ecuador include Easypagos, Banco del Austro, Global Envíos, Banco Bolivariano, Arpenger and Banco Guayaquil.

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