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15 Sep 2020 - Category: Blog /
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At Small World, we are constantly finding new ways to make global money transfer easier for our customers.

For those wanting to send money home to countries across Africa, we are excited to announce a brand new partnership with the leading pan-African bank, Ecobank Group.

Working with Ecobank expands Small World’s existing money transfer service to Africa, and means sending money home to friends, family and loved ones is now even more efficient.

Furthermore, Small World — where there is already a customer base of 15m — is keen to provide a money transfer service to even more people around the world while Ecobank is looking to expand its service to African communities by making international remittance more accessible.

What does this mean for Small World customers?

Small World customers will be able to access the unparalleled Ecobank Africa - wide network in three ways: Direct transfer to Bank accounts, mobile wallet; and cash pick up at any Ecobank location.

What is a mobile wallet?

A mobile wallet is simply a digital version of a physical wallet. It’s an online space that allows you and your beneficiary to store bank card and payments details securely. As the sender, it means you can send money directly to an account.

Why should I transfer money to Africa using an Xpress account?

Mobile wallets are a secure way of storing your payment information – to access your data someone would have to not only steal your smartphone but also know all your passcodes.

They are incredibly convenient, enabling people to make in-store purchases instantly, and are a great option for anyone who doesn’t want, or is not able to, withdraw cash.

Importantly, using a mobile wallet saves time that might otherwise be wasted travelling to pick-up locations or waiting in line to collect cash.

Why Ecobank?

Ecobank has a larger African footprint than any other bank, spanning 33 countries with more than 50,000 locations across the continent via its agent sites. For Small World, this means the impact of this collaboration will be positive for our customers sending money home.

This is an exciting development for both Small World and the Ecobank Group. Small World can continue to grow its global customer base as well as its 250,000 pick-up locations, while Ecobank, with its footprint across Africa, can further expand its remittance reach within African communities across Europe and other parts of the world.

Nick Day, Chief Executive and Founder of Small World, said: “We are delighted to be forging a partnership with Ecobank. It is a leading bank in Africa with over 50,000 locations in the region which means our global customers get access to even more ways to send money home to African countries. Importantly, Ecobank shares our commitment in delivering great customer service alongside providing fast, affordable and reliable transfers.”

The Ecobank Group is continuously innovating and working with partners in order to provide best in class banking products, services and solutions to its current over 23m customers.

Nana Araba Abban, Ecobank Group Consumer Banking Head, added: “We’re proud to offer seamless payments across our vast borderless network in Africa. At Ecobank, we value partnerships, such as this, that enable Africans in the diaspora to remit money affordably and conveniently. This provides a win-win partnership as Ecobank can offer banking services to Africans wherever they are on the globe.”

Ecobank shares Small World’s commitment of making financial services seamless, convenient, and interoperable across Africa.”

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