Republic Day in Nepal: How to celebrate when living abroad

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Republic Day commemorates Nepal's proclamation as a republic, which ended a 240-year monarchy. Nepal's history begins and is centered around the Kathmandu Valley. Nepal is located between the world's two economic giants, India and China. It served as a crossroads for the Mongoloid peoples of Asia and the Caucasoid peoples of the Indian plains. Every year, based on the lunar cycle, Nepal celebrates Republic Day around May or June. Republic Day honors the overthrow of a country's ruler by its inhabitants.


When is Nepal's Republic Day?

It is celebrated in Nepal every year on June 15 (May 28), according to the Nepali calendar. This day is also known as Ganatantra Diwas. On this day, Nepal's Shah dynasty was toppled from the throne as a result of a public revolt against the king's dictatorship.

By eliminating the dictatorship monarchy, Nepalese citizens took an important step towards freedom and formed a people-ruled nation.

Nepal Republic Day marks the day when citizens were granted the right to create a democratic government, establish their own constitution, and rule their own country. Republic Day is a Nepalese national holiday commemorating the May 28, 2008, creation of the Federal Democratic Republic of Nepal. During Nepal Republic Day, all government operations are suspended, and schools and universities are closed. There are a few events planned across the country that focus on political leaders and campaigns, and Nepalese all over the world celebrate the day with joy and freedom.

Where are the key celebrations on Nepal's Republic Day held?

The major Republic Day celebration is held in Kathmandu, at the Sainik Manch in Tudikhel. Ceremonial parades take place at the Tudikhel to pay tribute to Nepal, its solidarity in diversity, and its rich cultural past.

When is Nepal's Republic Day?

Nepal was always an independent country; hence there is no reason to celebrate the independence of another country still Nepal celebrates every year on February 19th.

Nepal celebrates its independence. The anniversary signifies the day Nepal was declared as an independent and sovereign republic in 1948. Nepal's independence day is celebrated with flag-hoisting ceremonies, parades, and cultural activities. In Nepal, the day is also an official holiday.

How do you celebrate Nepal Republic Day when living in another country?

Here are some suggestions for celebrating Republic Day with fellow Nepalese (or alone) in a unique way!

Watch the republic day parade live on the internet

Watch any Nepali news channel that is live-streaming the parade. Every national channel, in general, shows the parade, which you may watch on their website or on their YouTube. Each bright and colorful parade honors Nepal's state and unified territory heritage.

Host a small gathering and raise the national flag

Meet and greet fellow Nepalese in your area, and organize a little event to celebrate Nepal's republic day. Not to mention the most vital aspect of the gathering: lifting the flag! You can also organize events that showcase each person's talents and make the festival more entertaining!

Get a bag of popcorn and watch some patriotic films

You may also like to binge-watch a few box-office blockbusters that have been appreciated and applauded by audiences all around the world. In this way, make the Nepali Republic Day celebrations more cinematic!

Think about your best memory from the Republic Day celebrations at school

What could be more exciting than going back to our old school days?! So, gather your friends and have a friendly discussion about how they used to celebrate the Nepali Republic or independence day in school. These topics ultimately contribute to an open conversation.

Make a unique contribution to the celebrations!

To make the Nepali republic day celebrations more interesting in your bubble, produce a day-themed artwork, organize a dance or music concert, or even create a theater play based on events surrounding patriotism.

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