Renewing your Ghanaian Passport while residing in the UK

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Welcome aboard this flight that navigates through the ins and outs of international travel and document renewal.

In this article, we're going to delve into the process of renewing a Ghanaian passport while residing in the UK.

Keep reading for all the essential information you need to know in this guide on the best way to renew a Ghanaian passport in the UK.

How To Renew A Ghanaian Passport In The UK?

To renew your Ghanaian passport in the UK, visit the Passport and Visa Application page on the website of the Ghana High Commission.

This page provides detailed information and instructions for completing the online renewal process.

Step 1: First, carefully review all application requirements and familiarise yourself with the Terms & Conditions. Gather all necessary documents and information before proceeding with your application.

Step 2: Click on Passport Application to initiate the Ghanaian passport renewal UK process.

Step 3: After completing the online application and submitting all the required details and documents, you will need to send your passport, proof of payment, and supporting documents to your chosen processing office.

Step 4: When sending these documents, it is important to use Royal Mail Special Delivery for secure postage. Ensure that all documentation is properly sealed in an envelope for safe delivery. Your passport renewal process will start once the processing office has received your application and documents..

If needed, you can pause your online application at any point and resume it later by clicking on Retrieve Application.

Entitlements to Ghanaian passport

To obtain a Ghanaian passport, applicants must establish their Ghanaian citizenship through birth, naturalisation, registration, adoption, or any other statutory provision.

Please note that documentary proof supporting any claim of Ghanaian citizenship is required for the application process.

It's important to note that the Ghanaian passport is the sole reliable and widely accepted travel and identity document for Ghanaians travelling internationally.

It is exclusively issued to Ghanaian nationals and serves as a verified representation of the applicant's identity, supported by documentary evidence of citizenship and other relevant documentation.

Required Documents

For Passport renewal requirements of Ghanaian citizens in the UK, you will need to provide the following documents and information:

1. One passport-size picture.

2. Proof of Ghanaian citizenship (original documents only).

3. Documents supporting identity (originals only), such as a school certificate, a driver's licence, and employment/student/other identification cards.

4. Your previous Ghanaian passport.

5. Processing fee.

Please ensure that all digital documents meet the following specifications:

  • File size should not exceed 1 MB.
  • File type should be in jpg or pdf format.

Photograph Requirements

When submitting your application, please ensure that you include one (1) standard passport-size photograph taken within the last six months.

The photo should feature the applicant’s full face on a plain white or off-white background.

Please avoid wearing dark glasses or a hat in the photo so that your face is clearly visible. Additionally, please upload a coloured passport-size picture with your application, ensuring that the image size is 140x170px and saved as a jpg file.

Make sure that both photos meet these requirements:

  • Recent colour photos printed in colour.
  • Facing forward with eyes open and visible.
  • Plain expression with mouth closed.
  • No hair covering eyes .
  • No head covering unless for religious or medical reasons .
  • Nothing covering your face.

Payment Method And Refund Policy

For applications applying via the London Office, you have the option to pay by card at the counter.

For applicants applying via the Ghana Consulate in Dublin, the passport processing and other related payments in Euros by sending a postal order or banker's draft.

Please note that they do not accept cheques or cash for online payments so applicants can only pay for the renewal process of their Ghanaian passport by card.

Additionally, it's important to be aware that the London Office no longer accepts postal orders and banker's drafts. There is also no refund policy.

Fees and Processing Period

Ghanaian passport renewal fees UK and processing time are as follows:

Biometric Passports

Application type Fees
Regular Passport renewal £180
Lost/Missing Passport £250
Damaged Passport £190

Visa Application Fees

Application Type Single Entry 6 Months Multiple Entry Visa 1 Year Multiple Entry Visa 2 Year Multiple Entry Visa Transit Visa
Standard Application £60 £100 £150 £200 £40
72 Hours Express Application £100 £140 £190 £240 £40
24 Hours Express Application £140 £180 £230 £280 £40

Other Services

Emergency Travel Certificate £65
Legislation £80
Attestation £30

Why You May Need To Renew Your Ghanaian Passport In The UK?

Renewing your Ghanaian passport while in the UK might be necessary for several reasons:

Expired Passport:If your Ghanaian passport has expired or is nearing its expiration date, you'll need to renew it to continue travelling internationally.

Name or Personal Information Change:If your name or personal details have changed since your last passport issuance, you'll need to update this information by renewing your passport.

Lost or Stolen Passport:If your Ghanaian passport has been lost or stolen, you'll need to apply for a new one to replace it.

Damaged Passport:A damaged passport may not be accepted for international travel. If your passport is significantly damaged, it's advisable to renew it before travelling.

Visa Requirements:Some countries require that your passport be valid for a certain period beyond your intended stay. If your passport doesn't meet these requirements, you'll need to renew it to obtain the necessary visas for travel.

Change in Immigration Status:If your immigration status has changed since your last passport issuance, you may need to renew your passport to reflect these changes.

Exhaustion of Passport Pages:If you've used up all the pages in your passport for visas or entry/exit stamps, you'll need to renew it to continue travelling.

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