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If you are currently living in the UK and wish to pursue job opportunities abroad, then very few optionsmay seem lucrative enough to grab your attention. Nonetheless, you can still find your dream jobabroad and have a highly rewarding career. Let us now discuss the various career opportunities availableto UK citizens.

The most sought-after career opportunities by UK citizens include jobs in the USA, jobs in Canada andjobs in Dubai. As a matter of fact, Dubai is a popular work destination for those hailing from the UK dueto its close proximity to the UK and also because of Dubais metropolitan lifestyle. Let us now look intosome of the best job opportunities available in these regions and how you can pursue them.

Jobs in the USA for UK Citizens

The lucrative career opportunities available in the US attracts talented professionals from across theglobe. If you are from the UK and wish to explore jobs in the USA, then you must know that thecompetition is between you and talented professionals from across the globe. However, one of the fewperks while exploring jobs in the USA from the UK is that you would qualify for the Visa Waiver Program(VWP), which allows UK citizens to remain in the US for a period of 90 days. This is ideal for thoseinvolved in short-term work assignments.

However, if you wish to relocate to the US and work there for a longer period, you must find anemployer willing to hire you and also sponsor your H1B visa. It becomes a whole lot easier if you are ahighly specialized professional working in the IT or the Healthcare industry. Once you find a suitable joband a US employer willing to sponsor your visa, then you must start planning your accommodation. Youneed to be cautious while planning this for the initial two weeks. As your sponsor can withdraw thesponsorship within these two weeks, you need to avoid lease agreements.

Jobs in Canada for UK Citizens

Canada has the most flexible immigration rules for anyone willing to work in Canada and the journeyonly gets easier for UK citizens. If you are exploring jobs in Canada from the UK and are a UK citizen agedbetween 18 years and 30 years, then heres some good news. You would qualify for an open workpermit visa, under the Working Holiday Scheme as part of the International Experience Canada (IEC)work permit program.

This visa is valid up to 24 months and allows you to explore Canada, without going through lengthyimmigration paperwork. All other Canadian work visas are granted under the Temporary Foreign WorkerProgram (TFWP) which is further classified into four streams high-skill, low-skill, seasonal agriculture,live-in caregiver. As far as jobs in Canada are concerned, some of the best career options includeSpecialized Physicians, Registered nurses, in-house caregiver, Engineering jobs (Oil and Gas sector),Dentists, Teaching and Management jobs in the Finance sector.

Jobs in Dubai for UK Citizens

Dubai is the most developed city in the UAE, and also one of the most sought-after career destinationsby professionals from all over the world. More so, in the case of UK citizens, which is mainly due toDubais proximity to the UK and the lucrative career options available for those hailing from the UK. AsDubai is a shopping hub, there are several UK businesses and brands that have their presence in Dubai.So, if you wish to explore jobs in Dubai from the UK, then consider finding suitable ones in the retail andhospitality sectors. Also, the banking industry in Dubai offers quite a few lucrative career opportunities,

If you are exploring jobs in Dubai from the UK, then you must know that UK citizens qualify for a visa onarrival, which is valid for a period of 30 days. Although this can be extended twice, after paying a certainamount of fee, you can be sure that it isnt the best course of action. So, if you find your dream job inDubai while on a visit, it is recommended that you apply for a probationary work visa from the Ministryof Labour, UAE. This probationary work visa is valid up to a period of 90 days. So, if you arrived on aVisa-on-Arrival for 30 days and got yourself a probationary work visa for 90 days, then you get to staylonger and also eliminate the possibility of criminal prosecution for working without a probationarywork permit visa.

However, if you wish to work in Dubai for a longer duration, then you need to go through the obligatoryHIV test, and if the results are positive, then you are deported back to your country of origin. Also, thosesuffering from Hepatitis are deported and theres no way to get around that. Further, in Dubai, you maybe required to hand over your passport to your employer although not a legitimate practice, mostemployers would require you to handover your foreign passport. So, make it a point to confirm thisbefore agreeing to a job opportunity in Dubai.


As you may have noticed, there are quite a few opportunities to work abroad if you are from the UK. Infact, countries like the US and Canada also offer speedy visa assistance to those with an entrepreneurialstreak. So, if you wish to start a business or invest in the US or Canada, you may do so. To pay for yourmonthly obligations in the UK, you may consider making use of intermediaries like Small World, thatfacilitate secure and real-time foreign currency exchange.

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