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Money transfer to Serbia

  Like most countries around the world, Serbia has been economically affected by COVID-19. According to the World Bank, Serbia’s economic growth in 2020 will decline by an estimated 3% after expanding by a robust 4.2% the previous year.

Remittance plays a huge part, both for the country as a whole, and for individuals. We know that much of the money Small World’s customers send money helps out with their loved ones’ basic needs.

Family remittances have a direct impact on the lives of 1bn people – one out of seven individuals on earth” ( IFAD) and in 2019, there were approximately 200 million migrant workers sending essential financial resources to an estimated 800 million relatives living in more than 125 countries.

Therefore, for those living and working away from their home country, sending money home safely, securely and inexpensively is very important. 

Send money to Serbia with Small World

Did you know, Small world offers three ways for you to send money to Serbia for a friend or loved one? These are:

  1. Anywhere pick-up
  2. Bank deposit
  3. Cash pick-up

We would like to keep you up to date with the latest news on our quickly-expanding Anywhere pick-up network and let you know why it’s such a reliable and fast way to make that money transfer. 

What is Anywhere pick-up?

Anywhere pick-up is a service provided by Small World in partnership with UniTransfer.

Anywhere pick-up allows your recipient to access their money from any one of UniTransfer’s pick-up locations across Serbia. They can choose to visit a location near their house or can pick up cash as they are on the move. It is a secure, inexpensive, convenient and fast way to send money to Serbia.

Our Anywhere pick-up network is expanding

The important thing about Anywhere pick-up is the size of the network, of course, and as the sender you need to know how where you can send and how close you can get to the exact location of your recipient.

Our current network of branches, agents and sub-agents stretches from Sombor to Vranje and it is always growing. Our existing network covers 38 areas of the country and very soon we are aiming to cover 40 cities, increasing the number of places available for anywhere pick-up to 115.  

Are you sending money to Serbia regularly? If so, here are just some of the locations you could be sending money to across the country: Kraljevo, Aleksinac, Surdulica, Bojnik, Beograd, Guča, Inđija, Kragujevac, Zemun and Čačak.

How does anywhere pick-up work?

When making your transfer — using the Small World app, the website or an agent —simply choose the Anywhere pick-up option. You will then be asked to provide the mobile phone number of your recipient.

Your beneficiary will receive a unique PIN, which allows them to prove their identity when collecting their money. This PIN should not be shared with anyone else. You will receive an SMS when the transfer is complete

What does my beneficiary need to know when I send money to Serbia with Anywhere pick-up?

  1. Once the transaction is complete, a UniTransfer customer service representative will call your beneficiary by phone
  2. The customer service representative will help your loved one locate their nearest pick up points for them to decide where they would like their money to be sent
  3. On arrival, in order to access their money, they will be asked to show their PIN and a valid form of ID, ie ID card or passport for security purposes 

Your nearest pick up location is likely to be nearer than you think

The real-time, personal nature of anytime pick-up means your beneficiary is able to share their location in real time. Therefore, to save any unnecessary travel, the closest pick-up location can be used.

Instant transfer

Unlike cash pick-up, our anywhere pick-up service offers instant transfer:

your money is available to your recipient straight away, just like a digital transfer. 

Unique customer service

Having direct contact with an expert ensures the best location for pick-up is agreed, quickly and efficiently without your beneficiary having to do any searching themselves.

The best ways to send money to Serbia:

  1. Anywhere pickup
  2. Bank deposit
  3. Cash pick-up

Our main partner in Serbia is: UniTransferf And don’t forget, your first online transaction with Small World is fee-free.

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