How to get a digital nomad visa in Portugal?

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A new Digital Nomad Visa has been introduced, allowing remote employees, self-employed freelancers, or online company owners to legally live, work, and move throughout Portugal.


What is the Portugal digital nomad visa?

People who are able to work online from anywhere in the world are known as digital nomads, and the Portugal digital nomad visa permits them to establish themselves in Portugal for a set amount of time.

With its love of sports, fine wine, and sunny days, Portugal is a fantastic option for you as a digital nomad. Portugal recently announced a new digital nomad visa, the Portugal Temporary-Stay Visa. While you will be working online on a laptop, you can simply decide where you want to work and enjoy the surroundings for the rest of the day.

The D7 Passive Income Visa is offered to those who are able to show an independent source of income. The D2 Entrepreneur Visa and the Golden Visa for Portugal both provide more permanent residence in exchange for investment.

Portugal digital nomad visa types

There are only two visa options for digital nomads in Portugal.

  • Temporary-Stay Visa.

This visa is specifically designed for digital nomads. The visa allows anyone with evidence of a remote job to reside in Portugal while continuing to work remotely for at least €3,200 per month. The visa is valid for a year and can be renewed four times for five years.

  • D7 Passive Income Visa.

This visa was initially designed for retirees with passive earnings, but it also works perfectly for digital nomads and other remote professionals. The visa and residence permit also provide you with full access to the Schengen area. Visa extensions allow you to bring your spouse and dependent children.

Do digital nomads also have to pay taxes in Portugal?

For the initial four years of your stay, you will only have to pay 15% in taxes instead of the usual 25%.

What is the minimum income for a digital nomad visa in Portugal?

You must demonstrate an adequate income from outside the country to support yourself and any family members. This is roughly the amount of a minimum of €8,460 per year. Additionally, if you are bringing a spouse, you must show an additional 50% (€4,230 per year) and another 30% (€2,538 per year) for your kid.

Portugal digital nomad visa requirements

You have to fulfill the following documentation to be eligible for the Portugal digital nomad visa:

  • Complete the official form.
  • Passport or similar travel document, valid for an additional three months beyond the intended stay.
  • Two identical passport photos, both current and in acceptable shape, allow appropriate identification.
  • Document of transportation (return ticket).
  • Criminal record from the country of citizenship or residence for more than one year.
  • Proof of accommodation.
  • Proof of subsistence, as required by law.
  • You must not be from the EU or EEA and prove that you can continue to work remotely while living in Portugal.

Portugal D7 visa eligibility criteria

To apply for a D7 visa, you must satisfy the following demands:

  • Obtain a NIF number in Portugal.

The NIF (Numero de Identificacao Fiscal) number permits you to conduct business and financial transactions in Portugal. In Portugal, you can apply for a NIF number at a Finance service center.

  • Open a bank account in Portugal.

Your funds will only be valid when you open a Portuguese bank account and acquire a NIF number.

  • Residency in Portugal for a minimum of 16 months.

In your first two years in Portugal, you must live there for at least 16 months.

The perks of working as a digital nomad in Portugal

Portugal is gradually becoming a hub for digital nomads looking to establish themselves in Europe, thanks to its outstanding infrastructure, low cost of living, and flexible visa system. Portugal is a good starting point for digital nomads looking to explore the Schengen area.

  • Excellent visa standards.

It is pretty simple to obtain a long-term visa for residency and employment in Portugal, and these visas can serve as a pathway to permanent residence if you wish to stay after the first two years. Furthermore, because Portugal is a member of the Schengen region, your visa grants you broad access to the rest of Europe.

  • Quality of life.

Life in Portugal moves at a calmer pace, and the community recognizes the importance of balancing work and pleasure. You are never away from a beach or a pub with superb food and drink. In fact, many people choose Portugal to spend their retirement due to the high quality of life that you can enjoy in this country.

  • A reasonable cost of living.

Not only is the wine cheap in Portugal, the living cost is much lower than in the other major Western European nations, but you can still enjoy the same level of living in terms of facilities and medical services.

  • Warm weather.

Portugal has pleasant and sunny weather, with blazing summers and mild winters. Even in January, temperatures rarely fall below 15 degrees Celsius in Lisbon. This temperature also makes Portugal an ideal wine location, so there is lots of high-quality, reasonably priced wine everywhere you go.

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Now that your finances are perfectly in order, you can start exploring the next destination.

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