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Learning the language of the country you are moving to is a priority. If you are thinking about living in the UK then you’ll want to start learning English as soon as possible.

In London, there are free English courses available for migrants so that they can learn the English language as quickly as possible.

Free courses are a vital resource because they enable migrants to get started before they secure a job or a stable income. Alongside free courses, they are also a host of online and in-person English language classes that you can pay for.

This article has been written to help people find both free and paid-for English classes in London without much effort. In this post we’ll explore the steps migrants can take to enroll in quality, English language classes in London.

Free English Classes

The first step is to search your local council’s official website to find free English classes for immigrants. No matter which area of London you live in there will be a website for that locality. Visit that website and look for this type of information. Some boroughs, like Islington, have charities dedicated to helping foreigners in London integrate and learn English.

There is also the official ESOL website where you can find numerous resources as well as a list of centres that offer free ESOL and EFL courses for migrants.

Recently there has been an increase in government funding to help immigrants learn English. In fact, according to the UK government, thousands across the country will benefit from a new £6.5 million English language programme.

Adult learning centres and tests

The next thing to do is to search for adult learning centres. These centres have been founded solely for the purpose of educating adults who have migrated to London and want to learn the local language to seek better jobs. Some people are entitled to receiving financial help from the UK government based on their visa and immigration status. This is especially true for people who have obtained UK citizenship or belong to a country that is a member state of the European Union.

Many people make use of the British Council’s Learn English scheme, which is available online to learn English. Here you will be able to take a free English test that will help you understand your current level of proficiency. It is a simple test that will enable you to see which lessons will be most appropriate.

After that you will be able to find lessons and courses designed specially to improve your English skills. There are extensive listening and reading materials available here for adult learners to improve their English within days. It is a valuable resource and shows how learning English has changed over the last decade.

Learning online

You can also learn English online from the comfort of your home by watching YouTube videos or visiting websites that offer free spoken English courses. Make sure you find a credible source in order to learn the basics of the actual British English and not any variation of this language. Some of the most popular channels on YouTube for learning English include Learn English with and Learn English with Gill,

There are grammar and vocabulary resources available online that can support the learning process and help you improve your spoken English. There is plenty to learn online but to truly test your spoken English you’ll have to get out there and start speaking!

It is even better to join clubs where English conversation groups exist. These clubs can help people learn English quickly and in a comfortable environment. Free London Conversation Club is one such example. Free resources are available everywhere; all you have to do is find the right one. Often using Google to search for “English speaking classes near me” is the best place to start.

Language barriers exist in every country wherever migrants are allowed to live and work. But these barriers can be minimised when free language courses are easily available to migrants from any country. This is the best way to help migrants integrate and become responsible citizens of the country.

Learning English for free is an option every migrant can avail either by joining a local class, an online club, or by visiting a website that offers free English courses.

Paying for English Classes

If you’ve already tried some free classes in London, or if you want to learn English as quickly as possible, you can also choose to pay for English classes. There are a number of options in London, as well as some great online classes you can attend.

LanguageInternational has compiled an extensive list of the best English language schools ( in London to choose from. All of these schools require payment. Fees can range from £80 to £1,500 and there are schools that cater to a variety of needs. For example, at some of these schools you can take English language classes as well as other classes to improve your skills in other areas like mathematics, comprehension and examination techniques.

London is a hub of excellence when it comes to language schools. So if you have the money, you may want to check out some of the top schools like The Burlington School of English or LSI Education. These schools will be able to provide you with resources beyond what you will receive in free classes. While there are many fantastic free English classes for migrants in London, the quickest way to learn the language is to enroll in one of the top language classes.

Finding the best way to learn English

If you’re a migrant, learning English is now easier than it has ever been. There are more options available to start learning the language. You can choose from an array of free or paid-for classes in London. Getting started is the only hard part. Once you’re in a class that you like, it will be easy to improve your knowledge of the English language.

Immigrants in London can learn English online or in-person and increase their ability to function in all areas of life. Your language skills will help you get a stable job and will be vital in everyday life. So, if you or someone you know wants to learn English, we hope you can benefit from one of our recommendations.

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