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The U.S. Census Bureau estimates there were more than 554,202 U.S. residents of Pakistani descent living in the country in 2019. 

Pakistani Americans and Pakistani nationals living in the USmake up a considerable proportion of the US immigrant population. 

In recent times, most of the Pakistanis residing in the US either moved to be with their spouse after marriage or relocated for employment opportunities especially in the medical and IT sectors. 

Exploring the Pakistani community in America is a chance to find out more about their history, culture, contribution to the USA, and much more. 

Below we’re going to explore:

  • The History of Pakistanis in America
  • US states/cities/areas Pakistanis live in
  • The many languages of Pakistani-Americans 
  • Multigenerational households and other Pakistani influences
  • Sending money to Pakistan
  • The history of Pakistanis in America

The History of Pakistanis in America

The American Pakistan Foundation published a report, The Ties That Bind, that looks closely at Pakistani Americans, their lifestyles, and their contribution to the American way of life. 

The report found that 64% of Pakistani Americans have lived in the United States for ten years or more and the history of Pakistani people in America dates back many years.

The first generation of immigrants from the present-day country of Pakistan arrived in the USA between 1893 and 1917. They settled first in California and worked as contract labourers. The next generation of Pakistani immigrants arrived in 1947, after the creation of Pakistan. 

At this time, the US had opened up immigration quotas for South Asian states, however, while more Pakistani people were welcome to immigrate to America, numbers remained quite low.

Pakistani Professionals welcomed in the USA

1965 saw another wave of Pakistani immigrants arriving in the USA. The 1965 U.S. Immigration and Naturalization Act introduced a new immigration scheme based on employment, and this brought large numbers of Pakistani professionals with large numbers of physicians and engineers in their ranks.

Pakistani migration to the United States has increased significantly since the U.S. Diversity Program in 1990 and many people have joined their families in the country through family-sponsored programs too.

Where are the largest Pakistani Communities in America?

Like many immigrant communities, many Pakistanis have stayed close to the urban areas they first found work.

The community is concentrated in major population centres, including New York City, Houston, Chicago, Dallas Ft. Worth, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Baltimore, Philadelphia, Atlanta and Washington DC and Florida. 

The Pakistani influence can be felt in some areas.The cultural diversity brought to these cities, already benefiting from different nationalities and backgrounds, is further enriched by the Pakistani community.

The Many Languages of Pakistani-Americans

Most Pakistani-Americans switch between Urdu/Punjabi to English depending on the company and setting they are in. 

Many people immigrating to the USA already speakEnglish, as the majority of the educational institutions in Pakistan teach their curriculum in English with Urdu (official language of Pakistan) taught as a separate subject.

Most Pakistanis depend on their family to teach them Urdu while the schools teach all other subjects in English. 

Due to that reason, both Urdu and English are considered the official languages of Pakistan. 

However, there are over 70 additional languages spoken in specific regions including Punjabi, Pushto, Sindhi, Saraiki, and Balochi.

Many Pakistani-Americans still speak multiple languages and can share this gift with future generations.

Multigenerational households and other Pakistani influences

Majority of Pakistani-Americans are Muslims, however, many Pakistanis belonging to other religious groups have also immigrated to the US in recent times. These include Pakistani Christians, Hindus and Parsis. 

Celebrating Pakistani Culture in America

Many influences from Pakistan have made their way into Pakistani-American communities. Pakistani-Americans make up the 7th largest ethnic group in the U.S., and their influence is strong and inspiring. 

According to research, Pakistani-Americans integrate well in the American Dream and the professional and managerial roles that are a part of it. 

Since most Pakistanis either move for higher education or employment opportunities many benefit from a high level of education and can be found in white collar and blue collar jobs. 

Needless to say, the American Dream is quite alive in the Pakistani Community and is being passed down through generations.

The Flavours and Colours of Pakistan

The Pakistani community residing in the US stay true to their heritage through colours and food. 

Craving good Halwa Puri? In the mood for some Chicken Karahi or Biryani? Head to culturally diverse streets like Devon Avenue in Chicago and Coney Island Avenue in Brooklyn where you’d delectable Pakistani cuisine and Pakistanis in their local dress, shalwar kameez

Don’t forget to wash all those palate pleasers down with a glass of chilled lassi.

 The rich flavours of Pakistan can be enjoyed on many busy sidewalks along with mostly Indian cuisines.

35% of Pakistani Americans live in multigenerational households.

Multigenerational living is a commonplace occurrence in South Asia and also in other Asian states. The Pakistani community worldwide maintains a strong and impressive extended-family tradition. You will often find grandparents and their grandchildren happily sharing a home.

Sending money to Pakistan

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