Cost Of Umrah In Different Countries

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What is Umrah

Umrah, an Arabic word meaning to visit a populated place, holds significant importance in the hearts of the Muslims living all around the world.

During Umrah, Muslims get the opportunity to visit the holy site, Masjid al-Haram (The Grand Mosque) in Mecca.

The Umrah is not a mandatory pilgrimage for Muslims like Hajj, but it provides them with an opportunity to seek Allah’s blessings and self-reflect.

During this journey, Muslims perform different tasks to please their Creator and seek His forgiveness.

The main tasks include the Tawaf in the state of Ihram around the Holy Kaa’bah and Sa’ee in between the mountains of Safa and Marwa.


What is the difference between Hajj and Umrah?

The Hajj is a mandatory pilgrimage with preset dates, extensive procedures, and higher levels of significance in Islam. Hajj is the fifth pillar of Islam and is mandatory just like all the other pillars including Shahada, Salat, Alms and Fasting.

Umrah, on the other hand, is a recommended but voluntary trip that can be embarked on at any time of the year and has fewer formalities.

Both the Hajj and the Umrah constitute significant acts of worship for Muslims, but there are substantial differences between them regarding the extent of obligation, timing, and rituals attached to each.

Every Muslim must perform the Hajj, while Umrah is a recommended but optional act of worship.

The Hajj is performed over a period of around 5–6 days during a certain time in the Islamic Lunar Calendar, and comprises an extensive list of rituals, including standing at Arafat and the symbolic stoning of Satan.

Both pilgrimages are of great spiritual value, but only the Hajj is a mandatory Islamic duty and takes place over a fixed period of time.

Best Time to Perform Umrah

There is no specific best time to perform Umrah, but generally, people prefer to travel during the month of Ramadan and right after Hajj.

Umrah in Ramadan carries a different vibe altogether, plus many Muslims believe that performing Umrah while fasting brings them more spiritual rewards. Muslims from all around the world usually opt for this month as the reward for prayers is considered to be uncountable.

Moreover, the months right after Hajj (the mandatory Pilgrimage), are also heavily considered as it is easier to get accommodations, travel insurance, and visas respectively.

Due to the weather conditions in Saudi Arabia, many Muslims also plan Umrah journeys in the colder months of the year.

Cost of Umrah in Different Muslim Countries

The cost of performing the Umrah pilgrimage depends on various factors like the place or country of travel, the type of visa one chooses, and the package type.

The package of Umrah usually includes the expenses of visa fees, airline tickets, transportation, travel insurance, and accommodation.

Here’s a list of different Muslim countries with the tentative cost of Umrah:

  • 1. Pakistan – The Muslims residing in the Islamic Republic of Pakistan frequently visit the Holy City of Mecca to perform Umrah. Depending upon the package and accommodation, various packages are offered by travel agents. The price range for one person can start from 100,000 PKR and more.
  • 2. India – There is a large influx of Muslims from India who travel to Saudi Arabia to perform Umrah. India offers a variety of packages, starting from INR 50,000 and rising up to INR 150,000 depending upon the hotel choices, airline fare, and number of days one has to stay.
  • 3. Indonesia- Umrah packages from Indonesia usually start from IDR 20 million and go up to IDR 50 million, which obviously varies from person to person but the pilgrims from Indonesia often choose the group package, which is easy on the pocket.
  • 4. Egypt-. Umrah packages from Egypt can ary, depending upon the package and the time of the year in which they want to travel. However, the package can range from EGP 20,000 up to EGP 60,000 per person.
  • 5. Malaysia: Umrah packages for Malaysian pilgrims start from MYR 8,000 to MYR 20,000 per person. The cost may vary depending on the expenses.
  • 6. Turkey: Umrah packages from Turkey can range from TRY 6,000 to TRY 15,000, based on the chosen services and accommodations.
  • 7. Nigeria: Umrah packages from Nigeria can vary based on the quality and services of the packages. However, the minimum package starts from NGN 500,000 and can go up to NGN 1 million.
  • 8. Bangladesh: Umrah packages in Bangladesh for the pilgrims vary from BDT 100,000 to BDT 300,000.
  • 9. United Arab Emirates: It is relatively cheaper to travel to Umrah from the UAE as it is in close proximity to Saudi Arabia. However, the cost can vary from person to person depending upon the packages and services.

Factors that influence the rates of the Umrah packages

It is important to understand the factors that can influence the rates of the Umrah packages, such as the peak seasons like Ramadan and Hajj. Many people wish to perform Umrah during Ramadan due to which the costs can fluctuate and go toward the higher end.

Many other key factors that play a role in this are the chosen services (economy, standard, and luxury) and accommodation (two-star hotels, three-star hotels, four-star hotels, and five-star hotels), airline fare (business class or economy, transit or no transit), and the duration of the stay.

Budget can vary from person to person according to their financial situation so thorough research is required before selecting the package, based on the economy and currency exchange from your home country. Also, getting help from any authorized travel agent can make the research easy and can save time.

Send money to sponsor your family's Umrah

Many Muslims who have immigrated and relocated away from their home countries send money to their parents during peak Umrah season to finance their parents’ Umrah trips.

From a spiritual angle, many Muslims believe that financing a loved ones Umrah trip is an honour as well as their moral duty towards their loved ones, especially aging parents.

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