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8 tips for the new Small World App

8 tips to use the new app of Small World

Do you need help using our New App? Let us show you how to get the most out of your Small World account. Discover the easiest way to send money how you want, when you want with the Small World App. 

Download our New App:

First in-app transaction is transfer fee free!*
* Additional debit and credit card processing or international fees may apply. We recommend you pay by Bank Account (ACH) to avoid these fees.

Tip 1: How to Create an Account

New Users:

1. Select the country you are sending money from:

2. Select the country you are sending money to:

3. Create your profile. Set up your account using your preferred email address or log in using your Facebook account.

4. Creating a profile using your email:

A confirmation email will be sent to the email address provided. Confirm your email to activate your account.

Existing Small World Customers:

How to Log in:

1. Select the country you are sending money from:

2. Select the country you are sending money to:

3. Enter your email and password to log in:

All Small World Money Transfer App Users:

(New Users and Existing Users)

Create a 4- digit passcode for easy app access. You will be required to re-enter your passcode each time you enter the app.

Tip 2: How to Change your Password

1. Select the “Account” option:

2. Select the “Settings” option:

3. Select the “Change Password” option:

Forgot your Password?

How to Reset your password:

1. Reset your password by selecting "Forget your Password" on the log in page:

You can also reset your password on the Small World website by clicking the link below: Reset your Password

Tip 3: How to Check the Daily Rate

On the "Send To" screen, select your country of choice, by clicking the flag, to see their daily rate:

Check out your options! You can send money to many countries with Small World Money Transfer.

Enter an amount to see the current rate. The current rate is displayed, and the fee for transferring the amount selected is provided.

Have a PROMOTION? All discounts will be applied at the end of the transaction.


Existing Small Word Customers:

Check the daily rate for your beneficiary’s country or check the daily rate for a stored beneficiary.

Select the beneficiary and enter an amount:

Tip 4: How to Add a Beneficiary

1. Select the "Account" option.

2. Select "My Beneficiaries" to add a beneficiary. Make sure you have the following information:

- First and Last Name (as it appears on the recipient’s ID)

- Email Address

- Phone Number

- Full Address

3. On the "My Beneficiaries" screen you can view a list of your current beneficiaries. To add a beneficiary, click the + sign at the top corner:

4. Search and select your beneficiary’s country.

5. Select a delivery option. Delivery options vary from country to country.

6. Complete the following form by entering in your beneficiaries contact information or by loading their information from your current contact list. Double check all information provided is correct.

7. You will be required to enter a purpose for the transaction from the dropdown menu, as well as your relationship to the beneficiary.

8. Your newly added beneficiary can be viewed on the "My Beneficiary" screen. You may edit the information provided by selecting the beneficiary.

To add a beneficiary from the "Send To" screen, click the "New Beneficiary" option

You will be prompted to follow the steps provided above.


Tip 5: How to Upload Your ID

1. Select the "Account" option:

2. Select "My Documents." Have your valid picture ID ready. All transactions require a valid, unexpired picture ID. Without a valid picture ID your transaction can be delayed.

3. On the "My Documents" screen you can view a list of your current documents. To add a document, click the + sign located at the top:

4. Select the type of ID you will be uploading.

5. All uploaded ID's can be viewed under the "My Documents" screen.

Tip 6: How to Download a Transaction Receipt

1. Select the "Status" option. On the "Status" screen you may view all recent transactions, and their current status.


2. Select "Show Receipt" and choose the transaction to view the receipt.

Tip 7: How to Edit your Profile

You may edit your account by selecting the "Account" option

1. Select your information by clicking on your name at the top of the screen.

2. Under the "Profile" screen select the "Edit" option. You may edit your information at any time.

Tip 8: How to Get Help

1. Small World Money Transfer wants to help you transfer money with ease. If you have any question, please contact Small World by selecting "Customer Service" on the "Account" screen. The team is available to assist you from Monday to Saturday, 9 am - 6 pm EST.