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6 Most Striking Features of the Small World App

While travelling abroad or transacting with individuals or entities located in a foreign land, you need the services of a reliable intermediary — one that provides services in par with the current technology. Now, this is precisely what Small World does, and with an assortment of convenient payment options, this financial services provider makes all your financial transactions convenient, swift and cost-effective. That indeed makes it one of the most convenient ways of transacting with expats, across the globe.

In its persistent efforts to keep up with the ever changing technology, Small World’s team has built an all-inclusive mobile application, which is a one-stop solution. So, it is built to ensure that the user does not have to look elsewhere, for any information connected to international fund transfers. It piles up all the right information in one place and you can find almost everything connected to international transfers, and your individual Small World Transfers, right here. Currently, this app is available on the Android and IoS platforms. Let us now look into some of the most useful features of this mobile application.

1. Free to Install You don’t have to be a Small World customer to download and run this mobile app. It is designed keeping in mind the needs of Small World’s customers, prospective customers and also their beneficiaries. So, if you are travelling abroad or transacting with foreign nationals, you simply cannot ignore this useful mobile app.

2. Ease of Use You can perform end-to-end transactions, and also keep a track of it with this mobile application. Since it is a lightweight app, it requires minimal space on your mobile phone, as compared to most other financial institutions, which have bulky apps. Also, using this mobile app does not require any expertise, in fact it is fast, simple and easy to navigate. That makes it a fabulous choice while you are travelling to another country. You can conveniently calculate the conversion rates to check the prices you pay, as against your country’s currency, and determine its value before making a final decision. You can also use this mobile application to calculate transaction fee, details of your previous transactions, and also their status. With a gentle tap, you can track the progress of your transaction and so can your beneficiary. In case of cash pick-ups, your beneficiary can easily find the nearest Small World branch to pick up the cash from. Currently, this mobile app is downloaded by over 100,000 users on Android, and that itself is proof enough of its efficiency.

3. Security The app market is plagued with malicious apps, which contain harmful and dangerous adware and other malware, which can be more harmful than you can ever imagine. To further add to the user’s concerns about security, there are numerous banking malware and trojans, which pose a constant threat to your devices. These malware try to steal your personal and financial data, and are most commonly downloaded through unknown apps. These apps, which are packed with malicious codes, are operated through remote servers to steal your confidential data.

So, with all the cyber scammers out there, you need to be wary of the cyber threats, and focus on downloading only trusted mobile apps. Small World respects and protects your personal information and data, as much as you do. Therefore, it ensures periodical security measures to counter the newly emerging cyber threats, which is not the case with open-source mobile apps.

With Small World’s resources dedicated towards ensuring this, you need not bother about your security, as you use this mobile app — whether for your transfers, or as a FOREX utility. By using the Small World App to check the foreign exchange rates, you know that you are picking one which can be trusted, and comes from a renowned name. Plus, it is free and does not even require registration, so always avoid picking random utility apps, to keep your phone and personal data secure.

4. Foreign Exchange The foreign exchange rate greatly impacts the overall cost of a transaction. To get the best out of it, you need to have access to real-time exchange rates, which becomes extremely easy with this app. With just a few taps on the mobile app, you can profitably transfer foreign currency at real-time prices.

5. Multilingual Small World is focused on empowering customers worldwide, to transact easily. So, to cater to the needs of its existing customer base, Small World makes this mobile application available in English and Spanish. The company is working on adding other languages.

6. Fast and Efficient Since the Small World mobile app is extremely lightweight and is used only by a select group of persons, it is extremely fast, unlike most banking apps, which are bulky and slow. This is because banks provide numerous services such as Savings, Fund Transfer, Investment, Loans etc... and all that requires additional codes, which eventually makes it bulky. Also, Small World uses the most updated framework, and an efficient server, to deliver speedy access, without annoying the user.< With a simple and easy-to-use design, the makers have kept this mobile application neat and easy to use. Also, it is free from complicated navigation, so you can use this app to do exactly what you wanted to. Besides, Small World ensures that all of the essential resources available on its website are also accessible on its mobile app. Further, due to lower transaction costs, and ease of use, one can execute transactions of any size — from mobile phone bills to investing in equities.

Try the free Small World Money Transfer mobile app now; and receive your first transaction transfer-fee free!* You do not need for a code to take advantage of this special promotion. *Note: Additional debit and credit card processing or international fees may be applied by your card company.




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