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Small World Money Transfer App

With our new App there's a better, simple, low cost way to send money to families and friends, or to pay bills and suppliers. Small World - Discover the Difference!

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Send money worldwide with our new Mobile app and discover the difference between our service and those of expensive banks and traditionals operators.

Where can I download the App?

Its for free! Through the following links:

In which languages is the App available?

In English and Spanish. We are working to make other languages available for the app soon. On our website we already have 7 languages available.

Can I also pay the transaction through the App?

Yes. We maintain the same payment options, which you know from our website.

Can I also use an old account to send money with the Small World Mobile App ?

Of course! You can use any account that you have created before on our website. All your beneficiaries and transactions will be available, too.

And what if I don't have any account?

You can register yourself  also through the app. Furthermore, you can also use our calculator without being registered

And what if I have to upload documents?

You can take photos of your documents through the app and upload them subsequently. It´s very easy!

How does the One Swipe Send work?

You can repeat your last transaction with only one movement, that means by sweeping over the corresponding field. In this manner your transaction will be placed in few seconds!