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Small World Launches New Countries & New Network

Small World Financial Services Group has today announced the launch of two new money transfer sending countries in Europe, to add to its portfolio of six existing send markets.

Small World has launched its money transfer services offering in Italy and Germany as part of its continued expansion across Europe. 

Nick Day, Managing Director at Small World stated: “This expansion across Europe is an important part of our growth strategy. There are approximately seven million immigrants in Germany, and XXX million immigrants in Italy, who are poorly served by the incumbent operators. These are two of the largest markets in Europe with immigrants from Africa, South Asia and Central and Eastern Europe and we have a highly competitive, fast, convenient and reliable money transfer service that will enhance the consumers’ experience. 

Entering and expanding into new markets and signing, training and rolling out agents who are from the ethnic communities of our consumers, as well as opening new store locations, is critical to our future success and we just opened two new important ethnic-rich markets in which to execute that strategy.”

About Small World Financial Services Group 

Small World Financial Services Group, is the largest independent money transfer company in Europe. It provides global consumer-to-consumer money transfer services through a sending network of agents and Company-owned stores, disbursing money transfers through a worldwide payer network. In addition to money transfers, Small World Financial Services offers consumers telephony services, insurance products, prepaid debit cards, and cheque cashing.

For more information or to apply to be a Small World agent, please visit the Company's Web site at