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Hurricane Irma

Possible delays and disruptions in money transfers caused by Irma Hurricane

The immesurable destruction brought by Irma Hurricane has also caused trouble to the payers and banks. For this reason, there may be delays with money transfer orders addressed to the state of Florida and countries located within the Antilles.

The cyclone continues to advance through the Caribbean and is causing thousands of casualties and big scale material damage. Given this situation, we can not ensure a normal service in this area.

This is the information we have so far:

Dominican Republic: Our main payers have informed that they will reopen their branches today. However some cities are subject to possible disruptions in pick up and bank deposit services due to power failure after Irma Hurricane. Also, home delivery service will be suspended in most of the cities because of the flooding, until Monday 11th.

The branches of the following countries will remain closed until further notice:

Florida branches (USA) will also be closed until next Monday.

Cuba can also suffer delays within the next days.

From Small World we send our full support to the victims of this natural disaster and we hope that the life in these areas returns to normal as soon as possible.