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Published on 07-08-2018

Free English Classes for Migrants in London

The first thing any migrant would like to achieve is to learn the language of the country they are permanently moving to. In London, there are free English courses available for migrants so that they can learn the English language as quickly as possible. Some people may face difficulty in finding free courses in London and they don’t have enough cash to spend on expensive language classes offered at prestigious institutes. This article has been written to help those people find free English classes in London without much effort.

Image Blog Post The Best Webs where you can find free English Courses

Published on 23-05-2018

Learn how to speak English for free

English is one language in which you need to be fluent, especially when you want to live and work in the United Kingdom. There are several websites which will help you learn English. You have to remember that the best places that you can learn English on the web are the interactive websites. This is because these types of websites will help you sharpen and enhance all your learning skills. You not only learn new grammar and vocabulary but you can also practice reading, listening, writing and, most importantly, speaking. These interactive websites allow you to take part in activities where you can use more than one skill of yours – you can easily listen to a lesson and then respond; you can then read and write and things start becoming simple for you.

5 Money-saving tips for ‘back to school’ shopping

Published on 30-08-2017

5 Money-saving tips for ‘back to school’ shopping

For those living in England who have children, it’s ‘back to school’ time - and this can require quite some preparation. Children in the UK wear uniforms in school, so before the beginning of the academic year parents will receive guidelines as to what clothes they should be buying. Plus, there is equipment, from stationery to art supplies to sport shoes.

Learning a new language

Published on 13-09-2016

Benefits of learning a new language

Learning a second language takes time and dedication and all though it is not always an easy task, it will bring you many advantages. It is widely known that the best moment in life for this is during our childhood, but it is never too late if you are enough motivated and in the long run, your effort will be rewarded. Here are some of the benefits of learning a new language:

• Better job opportunities

High-qualified jobs normally require being fluent in several languages and being bilingual will translate in many competitive advantages when searching for a new job. In companies which have expanded overseas, speaking 2 languages is a mandatory requirement.