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Image Blog Post The Best Filipino Restaurants in UK

Published on 19-01-2018

The Best Filipino Restaurants in UK

Expatriates from Philippine Islands in the United Kingdom will be missing their ethnic cuisine but they need not lose heart. There are plenty of Filipino restaurants in the United Kingdom that cater not only to immigrants from Philippines but to all those residents who love to eat Filipino food. Its cuisine is a mix of culinary blend of traditional Chinese and Malay foods with plenty of influence from foods from Spain, the Middle East and Central America.

Places to eat Filipino food in Britain

Published on 28-04-2017

7 Places to eat the best Filipino food in Britain

If you’re a Filipino living in the UK, chances are you are missing the real tastes of home. And if you’re not Filipino, but in the years have developed a palate for great Asian food - particularly with the waves of authentic Japanese, Vietnamese and Korean joints that opened up all over the country in the last 10 or 15 years - then you’re going to want to taste this. Nicknamed as Asia’s last secret cuisine, Pinoy food is all about exciting flavours.

Image Blog Post Interesting traditions during New Year´s Eve around the world

Published on 29-12-2016

Interesting traditions during New Year´s Eve around the world

New Year is perhaps the most symbolic day of the year for most of us. It marks the end of a year and the beginning of a new one, and is usually a moment for reflections and wishes or resolutions for the year to come. Around the world, there is a myriad of different rituals people perform with New year, one even crazier than the other, so we have decided to explore some of the most interesting ones:

Bohol Island

Published on 19-07-2016

All you need to discover on Bohol Island: Philippines

Bohol is one of the most attractive destinations of the Philippines. Located to the south of Cebu Island and in the heart of the Visayas, with many natural riches to offer adventurous travellers:

Chocolate Hills

This extraordinary landscape in the middle of Bohol has gained its popularity thanks to the more than 1200 hills of limestone rock formation. Even though the hills are not too high, most of them reach between 30 and 50 metres, they represent a unique region that due to its ¨brownie¨ colour have been given the “Chocolate Hills” name. You are not allowed to climb the hills though, and will just have to enjoy the view from a deck in the distance, but still it´s worth it!

• Tarsiers

These special creatures are the smallest’s primates in the world and a mix between a monkey and a bat. This animal can be found in South East Asia and it is endemic to the island of Bohol. As it is endangered species, this island has developed a sanctuary to preserve its habitat in the rain forest, which serves as well as a visitor centre run by the Philippine Tarsier Foundation. Please remember to respect these nocturnal creatures and never touch them.