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Image Blog Post National Day of Cameroon

Published on 08-05-2018

National Day of Cameroon

National Day of Cameroon is celebrated every year on 20th May. The day commemorates the important decision taken by the nationals of Cameroon when they voted for a unitary state. It is considered as the country’s national day because on this day the president of Cameroon abolished the federal system of government. This happened in the year 1972 and ever since then the citizens of Cameroon celebrate this day as their national day and it is also a public holiday in the country.

Image Blog Post Sierra Leone Independence Day Celebrations

Published on 24-04-2018

Sierra Leone Independence Day Celebrations

Congratulations to the people of Sierra Leone residing in the United Kingdom on the 57th Anniversary of their Independence Day. On 27th April, 1961, the country got its independence from United Kingdom. It became the latest West African Country to win independence after more than one hundred and fifty years on Colonial rule by the British Empire.

Image Blog Post Day of the Americas in Brazil

Published on 10-04-2018

Day of the Americas in Brazil

Day of the Americas, also known as Pan American Day, is a public holiday celebrated in many countries in North as well as South America on 14th April every year. It is observed as a remembrance of the First International Conference of American States, which was held on 14th April, 1890. On this day a resolution was passed that is now known as the Organization of American States. Other than the United States of America, the countries that took part in this resolution include Brazil, Paraguay, Jamaica, Trinidad, Costa Rica, Colombia, and Chile.

Image Blog Post Knowing Birmingham

Published on 11-01-2018

Knowing Birmingham

Migrants into United Kingdom and visitors will be constantly amazed by the sheer variety of attractions that Birmingham has to offer to them. This city has galleries of world class; its museums are inspiring and stimulating. The chocolate factory is something that cannot be missed. The number of attractions is so big that it is not easy to pack them all in while planning your itinerary for your visit to Birmingham. The city is popularly known as `Brum’.