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Image Blog Post Terrifying Plans for Halloween Night in Dublin

Published on 30-10-2017

Terrifying Plans for Halloween Night in Dublin

What are you planning in terms of terrifying yourself this Halloween season? Ireland always takes this scary season very seriously with events planned at various venues across the country. There is a vast range of events to be terrified with and they include Pooka Spooka, Farmaphobia, Spirits of Meath, Bram Stoker Festival, Ghost Hunters, Tales and Tours at Croke Park, Pumpkin Patches, Castle of Terror and Macnas Parade.

Halloween costumes

Published on 30-10-2015

5 original costumes for this Halloween

Halloween is just around the corner and even though you didn´t want to wear a costume at first, someone might invite you to a last-minute party and you´ll end up without a plan. To dress-up as a ghost, witch or vampire is as old as the hills, so take a look at this post where you can find creative ideas for original Halloween costumes.

Published on 28-10-2015

5 creative recipes to surprise at Halloween

If this 31st of October you want to prove yourself as a master chef and surprise your guests, no matter if you are hosting a scaring party or because you have been invited to one and do not want to appear empty handed, take a look at these original recipes that will shock your guests!

Witch brooms

You will surely surprise your guests with this fun and original starter that furthermore, is very easy to make. Use salty-sticks as the broomsticks and insert them into your favourite cheese, chopped in rectangular shapes. You can use surimi instead as an alternative. Tie them up with fresh chive.

Published on 22-10-2015

Bram Stoker Festival in Dublin, Halloween´s prelude.

Did you know that the author of the acclaimed novel Dracula, was born in Dublin? Yes, Bram Stoker was born in Ireland´s capital and this year the city is honouring its fabulous writer. Between 23-26th of October, 4 hectic days of living stories will take over Dublin´s streets and venues. If you do not want to miss a thing, you better take a look at this agenda that we have elaborated with the highlights of Bram Stoker Festival:

Daytime events:

Maser: Smithfield will be the epicentre of the interactive installation made by Irish famous street artist, Maser. Inspired in Bram Stoker´s life and works, this piece will involve the local community as people are invited to collaborate in its construction.

Macnas tightlight procession: Macnas spirits will take over Dublin´s streets through impressive parades along 3 different routes. Take your position along with your family at 5:30 on 26th of October.

Stokerland: the gothic theme park will open its doors on the 25th for a day of macabre thrills where you can show off your fancy costume while watching the Mighty Gareth and Able Mabel performance.