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Image Blog Post Eid al Fitr, End of Ramadan

Published on 07-06-2018

Eid al Fitr, End of Ramadan

Eid al Fitr, that marks the end of the Islamic month of Ramadan, is an important religious holiday celebrated by Muslims living the world over. It is one of the two significant festive occasions celebrated by Muslims as one nation regardless of their ethnicity, language, and background. It is celebrated on 1st Shawwal, which is the month that follows Ramadan. Ramadan is the fasting month in which Muslims fast the entire month and after this month ends, Eid is observed as a day to celebrate and on this day the Muslims are not permitted to fast.

Imagen Blog Post Norooz, Persian New Year

Published on 20-03-2018

Norooz, Persian New Year

Nowruz or Norooz, the Persian New Year, is falling on 20th March, 2018 this year. It usually falls around 19th to 21st March depending on the sun crossing the celestial equator to enter the Northern Hemisphere. Night and day become equal when this happens and this event marks the beginning of a new year for the Persians. Norooz is celebrated by Iranians and Central Asians the world over including the UK as a secular holiday. The day is considered to be a holy day for the Muslims living in Iran and other countries of the region. There are certain rituals that families perform together, which have been in practice since ages.

Image Blog Post The Best Place to Celebrate St Patrick’s Day

Published on 15-03-2018

The Best Place to Celebrate St Patrick’s Day

St Patrick’s Day invites not just a lot of festivals and parades across the UK but also a chance to throw a party at home or benefit from great shopping deals online. London is the major attraction during this time but Birmingham and Belfast are not far behind either. The best place to celebrate St Patrick’s Day is hard to decide because there are so many spots all across the UK, which attract not just tourists but also immigrants. From Trafalgar Square London to Birmingham’s famous parade, which is the third biggest in the world, St Patrick’s Day in UK is no less than a festive occasion.

Image Blog Top events in London

Published on 19-10-2017

Top events in London

While there are many events, festivals and celebrations in London and surrounding areas each year, there are a few that are stand out a bit more than the rest. If you do a little research, you are sure to find events you would like to attend and that appeal to you, but here are the top 10 events in London every year: