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Published on 09-08-2018

International Day of the World’s Indigenous People

Indigenous people are the native inhabitants of any region as opposed to people who have migrated and settled there or have occupied or colonised the region. They are also known as aboriginal peoples and the term is mostly used to refer to the native North Americans. However, there are three groups of aboriginal peoples: Indians, Inuit and Metis. It has been estimated that there are a total of about 370 million indigenous people currently living in various parts of the world. They have diverse cultures, languages and history.

Image Blog Post National Day of Cameroon

Published on 08-05-2018

National Day of Cameroon

National Day of Cameroon is celebrated every year on 20th May. The day commemorates the important decision taken by the nationals of Cameroon when they voted for a unitary state. It is considered as the country’s national day because on this day the president of Cameroon abolished the federal system of government. This happened in the year 1972 and ever since then the citizens of Cameroon celebrate this day as their national day and it is also a public holiday in the country.

Image Blog Post Cinco de Mayo - Fifth of May in Mexico

Published on 03-05-2018

Cinco de Mayo - Fifth of May in Mexico

The Fifth of May or Cinco de Mayo (in Spanish) is the day set aside for an annual celebration all over the world. The day marks a holiday when all Hispanics around the world, particularly in Mexico, observe the commemoration of the Mexican Army and its memorable victory over the French Empire forces at the famous Puebla Battle on 5th of May, 1862. The Mexicans won this battle under the competent leadership of General Ignacio Zaragoza.

Image Blog Post Sierra Leone Independence Day Celebrations

Published on 24-04-2018

Sierra Leone Independence Day Celebrations

Congratulations to the people of Sierra Leone residing in the United Kingdom on the 57th Anniversary of their Independence Day. On 27th April, 1961, the country got its independence from United Kingdom. It became the latest West African Country to win independence after more than one hundred and fifty years on Colonial rule by the British Empire.