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Image Blog Post Children’s Day in Brazil

Published on 11-10-2017

Children’s Day in Brazil

Dia das Criancas or Children’s Day will be celebrated on 12th October this year in Brazil. It coincides with Brazils’ holiday for its Patron Saint. It is also referred to as ‘Our Lady of Aparecida’ Day. Brazil is one of those countries in this world that have very deep roots in Catholicism. On this day, besides celebrating the importance of children, people also venerate Virgin Mary as Our Lady of Aparecida. This day also marks the finding of the clay statue of Virgin Mary by three fishermen when they were trying to spread their nets. After failing to have any catch, they invoked Our Lady of Aparecida. Their prayers were answered and they came across a clay statue of hers followed by a big catch. They honoured the Governor of Sao Paulo by holding a banquet for him.

Rio 2016

Published on 21-07-2016

Brazil: ready for Rio Olympics 2016

Amid intense controversy whether Brazil´s most emblematic city will be on time to meet the expectations for the Rio Olympics next 5th of August 2016, the clock is running and Rio is almost ready to host the first Olympic Games held in South America.

These previous months have resulted in a turmoil in “the country of the future” due to several misfortunes: the epidemic of the Zika virus, the economic recession, doping accusation of athletes and the latest impeachment of the the country´s president Dilma Rouseff , who is now off duty awaiting the Senate trial. As a result, Brazil´s reputation has been endangered and made everybody question the readiness of the country to host an event of such dimensions.

Brazilian cities

Published on 23-06-2016


Host of the Olympic Games (2016) and the last World Cup, Brazil is becoming one of the most increasingly popular tourist destinations.

With more than 200 million inhabitants in a territory greater than 8.5 million square kilometers, Brazil is the largest country in South America (and the world´s fifth largest). Such territorial extension offers a huge and rich biodiversity with a wide variety of places that well deserves to be explored. Here we list the essential cities:


Brasilia is not only the capital of the country, but also an artistic project conceived by Brazilian architect Oscar Niemeyer. It was founded in 1960 and you can find the main political headquarters of the Brazilian government there, including the Congress, the Planalto Palace (seat of the executive branch), the Supreme Court and the Presidential Palace (called Palacio da Alvorada). The cathedral, with its glass roof that resembles hands reaching up to heaven, is unique in its kind.


Located in the Southwest of the country, next to the frontier with Argentina and Paraguay, Foz is a large and multicultural city that serves as a starting point for visiting Iguazu Falls, one of the world´s most stunning natural wonders. The Brazilian side affords a panoramic view of hundreds of waterfalls of all sizes, including the thundering chasm of the Devil´s Throat. Besides, you can see an exceptionally diverse flora in the surrounding national park.

Typical Brazilian dishes

Published on 20-05-2016

7 top dishes to try in Brazil


1. Rodizio

Brazilians claim to be the kings of barbecued meat in Latin America and proofs of this are the popular Rodizios, abundant in the country which have become their international flagship within the ¨foodie¨ world. These are all-you-can-eat restaurants that include different kinds and cuts of meat with a cold-dishes buffet.

2. Feijoada

Probably the most famous Brazilian dish, consisting of a black bean stew with various types of beef and sausage. As you can imagine it is a pretty heavy dish so make sure you have a strong appetite before you order it!

3. Moqueca de camarão

A delicious Caribbean-style recipe made of shrimp stew with coconut milk and palm oil. It also includes peppers, tomatoes and garlic. A truly delicious dish that is usually garnished with fresh coriander.