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Argentinian dishes

Published on 29-09-2016

6 best Argentinian dishes


You surely know that beef is one of the most appealing gastronomic pleasures of Argentina. Asado involves different kinds of meat, cooked barbeque-style, being a popular social event in the country, normally hosted on Sundays with friends and family. A traditional asado includes: choripan, morcilla (blood sausage) before moving on to organ meats such as mollejas (beef sweetbreads), chinchulines (chitterlings) and riñones (kidneys). Once you have dealt with the previous, don´t forget to try matambrito de cerdo (pork flank steak) drizzled in lemon juice before tucking into one of several cuts such as tender ojo de bife (ribeye) or bife de chorizo (sirloin).


Published on 05-07-2016

How to travel almost for free around Patagonia

From North to South, Argentina is one of the most impressive countries in he world to explore. Its varied landscapes and multiple climates (ranging from polar to tropical) have made it the most visited country of South America accounting for almost 6 million visitors per annum. Even though the country stands out for its wondrous nature, the southern region of The Patagonia safe keeps the largest treasures. Discovering this immense area can result in a pricey trip if you do not plan ahead, therefore we have gathered some useful tips to travel almost for free around The Patagonia:

• Always travel during low season

Travelling during the low season can mean a significant difference in your budget, as prices are usually doubled during the high season. Accommodation, plane tickets, bus fares, restaurants and excursions suffer the highest increases. Bear in mind that if your idea is to visit the entire region, there will be towns where it is high season while in others, it is low season during the same period of the year, so maybe the smartest idea, if your budget is tight, is to stick only to the low season areas.