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Published on 21-08-2019

A Peep into Krishna Janmashtami Celebrations in London, 2019

The UK is a land of diverse cultures and has a large population of people with Indian origin, and those drawn towards Indian culture and beliefs. So, Indians aren’t the only ones who eagerly await Janmashtami, which is celebrated on the 24 th  day of August 2019. Every year Janmashtami celebrations also attract a healthy number of locals. Ever since The International Society for Krishna Consciousness (ISKCON) established itself in the West, it has attracted people from all over. As a result, Krishna Consciousness has evolved as one of the most popular cults, across Europe.


Published on 19-06-2019

All you need to know about the SARB Reporting Mandate

Around two-thirds of South Africa’s GDP comes from consumer spending — hence, price control becomes detrimental to economic growth. Also, the fact that the South African Rand is highly tradable makes it necessary to have certain economic checks in place, to avoid any sort of discrepancies or sudden imbalances.

Published on 16-04-2019

Things to do on Easter, in London

Easter commemorates the miraculous resurrection of Jesus Christ, on the third day from his crucifixion. It also marks the end of Lent, the forty-day fasting which commences from Ash Wednesday and concludes on Holy Saturday. Next comes the most-awaited Easter Sunday! Although Easter is celebrated worldwide, with a lot of zeal and enthusiasm, still London manages to steal the show with the countless events that go on for almost a month. While the Churches offer special services, and plays such as Passion of Jesus, there are also certain other options to look forward to. One can also attend the egg trails and fairs organized all over London. In fact, London’s every nook and corner speaks of the sacrifices of the divine during the 3-Day celebrations. Starting from Good Friday, this 3-Day celebration attracts tourists from all over the world.

Published on 06-02-2019

Tips to find Affordable Rental Accomodation in London

Anyone moving to London needs to go through the ordeal of having to look for an accommodation.
If you plan to search online, be prepared to talk to a real estate agent in London. Almost all the real
estate listings will lead you to one of these, because that’s how it works in London. Finding a rental
accommodation in London has never been an easy affair for anyone, and it won’ be for you either,
so start by accepting it.