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Published on 31-05-2019

How can Foreigners in the UK Access Health System

When you move to a new place — whether on a short-term or a long-term visit — you need to anticipate the exigencies that may come your way. After all, you never know when you may catch flu, or in worse cases, meet with an accident. So while you are all set to expose yourself to a whole new atmosphere, you must consider that it could eventually show up on your health.

Mortage in UK

Published on 16-05-2019

All about getting a Mortgage in the UK

Buying a house is one of the most cherished dreams, but can turn out into a nightmare unless you are aware of the real-estate and financial market trends. So, if you are in the middle of making this big decision, then you have probably done all the required research. Broadly speaking, buying a house involves two factors — the future prospects of asset appreciation and planning finances to buy the desired property. Assuming that you are done with the first part and have finally set your eyes on your dream house, it is more than likely that you are also worried about managing your finances. To make things easier for you, we have put together all the essentials that can help you realize your dream to the earliest.

Published on 04-02-2019

Charities where You Can Help in UK Even if Your English is Not Good

UK is home to a good number of health charities as well as other general charities that are being ranked by the amount of donations they receive. It is possible to become a volunteer worker for a charity in the UK with the intention of helping it even if you don’t have money to donate. Some people also ask how they can help if their level of English is not as good as it should be. Well, there are many ways by which you can help. You can give blood, for example, by finding your local donor centre and letting them know that you want to help. 

Published on 25-01-2019

Tips to choose a school for your kids when you move into London

If you just landed in your dream job, and are all set to do the packing, it may not really be as easy as
you thought. More so, if you are relocating along with your family, because in that case, you also
need to look into their needs. Your spouse may not be much of a worry, but kids sure would. Finding
them a school that shapes up the rest of their life, has got to be a well-thought decision.

Just like any other country, even the Great Britain has its unique education system. We will try to
provide you a bunch of details to get your head around it. Here are 10 tips that can give you a fair
idea of how to go about selecting the right schools for your kids.