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Small World Money Transfer
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Published on 26-06-2019

How to get British Nationality when you are working in London

If you’ve relocated to London for education or career purposes, then you’d find it hard to leave this bustling city. Most people who visit the London simply fall in love with this place, so much that they wish to stay here forever. So if you feel the same way, then you are not alone. London, the city of dreams is definitely one of the hardest places to leave.

Published on 29-05-2019

Small World welcomes new customers with 3 free transactions

Wish to run a global business and make quick transactions worldwide? Want to send money to your loved ones in your own country without losing out on heavy transaction costs? Sounds like you haven’t signed up with Small World yet. Currently, Small World offers not one but three free digital transfers to its new customers. So let your family and friends know about this wonderful opportunity and make the most out of it.

Published on 13-03-2019

10 Tips to manage your expenses, while moving to London

Once you’ve landed in your dream job, and are all set to relocate to London, then you need to focus on all that needs to be done, in order to make this transition convenient. If you are wondering where to start from, then we strongly recommend that you prioritize financial planning.  

Published on 19-02-2019

6 Most Striking Features of the Small World App

While travelling abroad or transacting with individuals or entities located in a foreign land, you need the services of a reliable intermediary — one that provides services in par with the currentechnology. Now, this is precisely what Small World does, and with an assortment of convenient payment options, this financial services provider makes all your financial transactions convenient, swift and cost-effective. That indeed makes it one of the most convenient way of transacting with expats, across the globe.