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Small World Money Transfer
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Published on 13-06-2019

Small World Celebrates International Day of Family Remittances

The past decade has seen a steady rise in the number of economic immigrants — those born in one land but work in another. These immigrants stay away from home, doing the best that they can for their people back at home. They work hard, cut down on their expenses and save up every penny they can, only to send it back home. In their quest to improve the lives of those back in their homeland, they continue to sacrifice their own desires.

Published on 31-05-2019

How can Foreigners in the UK Access Health System

When you move to a new place — whether on a short-term or a long-term visit — you need to anticipate the exigencies that may come your way. After all, you never know when you may catch flu, or in worse cases, meet with an accident. So while you are all set to expose yourself to a whole new atmosphere, you must consider that it could eventually show up on your health.

Published on 29-05-2019

Small World welcomes new customers with 3 free transactions

Wish to run a global business and make quick transactions worldwide? Want to send money to your loved ones in your own country without losing out on heavy transaction costs? Sounds like you haven’t signed up with Small World yet. Currently, Small World offers not one but three free digital transfers to its new customers. So let your family and friends know about this wonderful opportunity and make the most out of it.